Tanya – April Reflection

Carson – April Reflection

Flora – April Reflection

Lily – April Reflection

Jason – April Reflection

Angelica – April Reflection

Cindy – April Reflection

Angelica – March Reflection

Cindy – March Reflection

Flora – March Reflection

Lily – March Reflection

Carson – March Reflection

Jason – March Reflection

Tanya – March Reflection

Jason – January Reflection

Tanya – January Reflection

Carson – January Reflection

Lily – January Reflection

Flora – January Reflection

Cindy – January Reflection

Angelica – January Reflection

Students to Business – Week 13: Mojo, Mojitos, and Mayhem

Students to Marketing – Week 13: U+ Edition, Starring Mojo and Mojitos

Student to Web Developer – Week 12: Code, Collaborate, Conquer

Student to Web Developer – Week 11: How I Learned to Debug

Student to Web Developer – Week 10: Navigating WordPress Quirks and Designing the Web, One LOL at a Time!

Students to Marketing – Week 12:  Designs, Deadlines, and Droll Moments

Students to Business – Week 12: Weekly Meetings and Career Readiness​

Students to Business – Week 11: Navigating Work, Projects, and the Quirks of the Workplace

Jaheem Case: Navigating the Intersection of Education and Marketing

Emily Yang: Navigating Growth, Insights, and Career Evolution

Students to Marketing – Week 11:  Navigating the Week with Coffee And Canva

Students to Marketing – Week 10:  Navigating Work, Wit, and the All-Hands-On-Deck Project at U+

Student to Web Developer – Week 9: Navigating Glitches and Gains

Students to Business – Week 10: Navigating the Maze of Emails, Grants, and Group Frantics

Hugo Quan: Navigating the Web Development Odyssey Amidst November’s Challenges

Emily Yang: Navigating a Colorful Adventure in November

Students to Marketing – Week 9:  Chronicles of Co-op Capers and Social Media Shenanigans!

Float or Sink: Science at Markham Public Library

Students to Business – Week 9:  From All Hands On Deck to Time Management!

Student to Web Developer – Week 8: The Adventures of U+’s Tech-Savvy Gang!

Students to Marketing – Week 8:  From YouTube Novice to Video Editing Extraordinaire

Student to Web Developer – Week 7: When WordPress Woes Meet Multilingual Marvels!

Students to Marketing – Week 7:  The TikTok Quest for Less Corporate Toast

Students to Business – Week 8: From Classroom Labels to Project Closure!

Carmen Tai: Shaping the Future of Education, One Student at a Time

Gizem Taraman: Journey as a Teacher’s Assistant at U Plus Education

Students to Marketing – Week 6:  Marketing Mishaps and Canva Comedy!

Student to Web Developer – Week 6: Web Wizards and the Enchanted Code

Students to Business – Week 7: A Week of Juggling, Nerves, and Perfectly Timed Elevator Pitches!

Students to Business – Week 6: Tech Troubles, Excel Exploits, and Mutual Alliances

Emily Yang: Merging Experience and Passion at U Plus Education

Hugo Quan: Reflecting on September at U Plus Education

Students to Marketing – Week 5: U+’s High School Co-ops in Action

 Student to Web Developer – Week 5: Learning the Ropes

Students to Business – Week 5: Navigating Professional Growth at U+

Students to Business – Week 4: Building My Business Acumen

Student to Web Developer – Week 4: Crafting User-Friendly Experiences

Students to Marketing – Week 4: Crafting Stories and Inspiring Design

Students to Marketing – Week 3: Crafting Creativity in Marketing

Student to Web Developer – Week 3: Building Foundations for Success

Students to Business – Week 3: Navigating the Waters of Business Development

Students to Marketing – Week 2: Navigating Marketing and Creativity at U+

Student to Web Developer – Week 2: Navigating Challenges and Aspirations at U+

Students to Business – Week 2 Navigating Business Realities at U+

Week One Unveiled: High School Co-op Students at U+

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