Hugo Quan: Reflecting on September at U Plus Education

Hugo Quan: Reflecting on September at U Plus Education

Welcome to the first installment of our four-month series, where we follow Hugo Quan, a talented web developer at U Plus Education, on his journey through a rewarding and educational experience. In this blog post, we’ll share some of Hugo’s insights, challenges, and accomplishments throughout September.

Embracing Opportunities

Hugo, who is passionate about web development, found an exciting opportunity at U Plus Education, a platform that offers high-quality online learning experiences while also hiring professionals in fields like web development. Here’s what Hugo had to say about this unique opportunity:”Ever since I started high school, I’ve been involved with teaching a variety of classes, including swimming lessons, badminton, summer camps, and one-on-one tutoring, etc. Now, with the chance to have a job that aligns with my area of interest while also providing high-quality tutoring to children, this is a great opportunity for me.”

Surprising First Impressions

Hugo’s journey with the Uni team began with a Friday team meeting, which he expected to be formal and serious. However, he was pleasantly surprised by the team’s warm and friendly atmosphere:”As usual, the first day of the meeting usually surrounds the room with a mood of seriousness and professionalism. I imagined everyone wearing bow ties and suits, talking in a professional manner to showcase the best of themselves. Yet, when I walked into the room and started conversations with everyone, my expectation was wrong. Although everyone still dressed formally, no one was acting superior and such, but yet everyone was friendly and nice towards each other. From there, I could already imagine working with them would be comfortable and nice.”

Personal Growth and Skill Development

Hugo is not only excited about the opportunities at U Plus Education but has also noticed significant personal growth in terms of skills, work habits, and problem-solving abilities. He believes these skills will benefit his future career:”U Plus Education allows me to strongly develop both soft and hard skills, which paves the way towards my career success. During this work term, I am able to enhance my communication skills through customer services and on-board meetings with my manager regarding project details. I am able to enhance my leadership skills through high-quality online teaching and camp instructing. A variety of projects involving knowledge of HTML, CSS, WordPress, JavaScript, and the Wix system allow me to develop these skills and further help me with landing dream jobs in the future. Overall, U Plus has made a huge impact on my career success as well as my personal goals.”

Challenges and Triumphs

As Hugo’s journey progresses, he will undoubtedly face various challenges and continue to achieve remarkable accomplishments. We look forward to sharing more of his insights and experiences over the next three months.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in Hugo Quan’s adventure at U Plus Education, and keep an eye out for more of his inspirational quotes, challenges, and achievements.

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