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Pre‑Level 1 Workbook A

Practice your vocabulary and alphabet with the first Pre-Level 1 workbook. This book will enhance your basic understanding of phonics, numeracy, and descriptions.

Pre‑Level 1 Workbook B

Take your vocabulary and alphabet to the next level with Pre-Level 1B workbook. This book will further enhance your basic understanding of phonics, numeracy, and descriptions.

Pre-Level 1 Workbook Bundle

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Pre-Level 1 focuses on delivering the basics in learning French including alphabet, numbers, colours, spelling, shapes and more. Prefect for first time language learners.
  • Pre-Level 1 Workbook A
  • Pre-Level 1 Workbook B
  • Pre-Level 1 Writing and Grammar

Level 1 Workbook A

Our Level 1 workbook pairs perfectly with our level 1 classes and curriculum. It will help you create sentences and describe locations. This book also includes many bonus topics like opposites, rhyming, mathematics and more!

Level 1 Workbook B

Our Level 1B workbook builds off concepts and topics taught in workbook 1. This book is a great way to test your knowledge of descriptions and locations in addition to the bonus topics.

Level 1 Workbook C

Our Level 1C workbook continues to build off concepts and topics taught in 1B. This book covers vowels, consonants, and grammatical concepts such as adjectives, verbs, phrases and sentences.

Level 1 Workbook Bundle

Bundle and save 25%!
Level 1 focuses on developing sentence structure and language tools such as nouns, verbs, questioning, plurals and more! Perfect for learners that understand the alphabet and can read basic text.
  • Level 1 Workbook A
  • Level 1 Workbook B
  • Level 1 Writing and Grammar

Level 2 Workbook A

From unscrambling words to finding synonyms, the level 2 workbook will help you level up your learning! This book covers topics like plurals, punctuation, sentence building, mathematics, and more!

Level 2 Workbook B

Our Level 2B workbook explores concepts like shopping, transportation, clothing, illness, math terminology, money and more! This workbook will help expand your vocabulary and writing skills to apply to everyday life.