French Workbooks

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Pre‑Level 1 Workbook A

Practice your alphabet, vocabulary, and numbers with the first Pre-Level 1 workbook. This book will help you improve your understanding of phonics, numbers and descriptions.

Pre‑Level 1 Workbook B

In this book, you will expand your knowledge of the alphabet by putting words into alphabetical order! This book will also help you with your vocabulary and give you a chance to practice spelling, numbers, counting and colouring! 

Pre‑Level 1 Writing & Grammar

Want more practise in printing and writing? Pre-Level 1 Writing and grammar is the book for you. This book will allow you to practise your printing while extending your vocabulary. This book will also introduce grammatical concepts like capitalization, nouns, and verbs.

Topics covered: consonants, vowels, syallables, spelling, nouns, verbs, capitalization

Number of pages: 52

Pre-Level 1 Workbook Bundle

Bundle and save 25%!
Pre-Level 1 focuses on delivering the basics in learning French including alphabet, numbers, colours, spelling, shapes and more. Prefect for first time language learners.
  • Pre-Level 1 Workbook A
  • Pre-Level 1 Workbook B
  • Pre-Level 1 Writing and Grammar

Level 1 Workbook A

Our Level 1 workbook A pairs perfectly with our level 1 classes and curriculum. It will help you to expand your vocabulary, create sentences and describe locations. This book also includes many bonus topics like opposites, rhyming, verbs and more!

Level 1 Workbook B

Our Level 1B Enhancement workbook will allow you to expand your French vocabulary as you practice describing places, objects and actions. You will also explore sounds, reading comprehension, and answering yes or no questions.

Level 1 Writing & Grammar

In this book, you will enhance your writing skills in French! Learn about the fundamentals of sentence writing, verb conjugation, regular and irregular plurals, common expressions and more!

Level 1 Workbook Bundle

Bundle and save 25%!
Level 1 focuses on developing sentence structure and language tools such as nouns, verbs, questioning, plurals and more! Perfect for learners that understand the alphabet and can read basic text.
  • Level 1 Workbook A
  • Level 1 Workbook B
  • Level 1 Writing and Grammar

Level 2 Workbook A

In this book, you will refine your French skills by practicing spelling, sentence building, verb conjugation, making predictions and summarizing. You will also write a journal entry and answer a few math questions!

Level 2 Workbook B

Our Level 2 Workbook B: Enhancement workbook will allow you to expand your French vocabulary by describing types of jobs, types of sicknesses, and types of transportation. You will also explore types of clothing and story writing!

Level 2 Writing & Grammar

Take your writing to the next level by practicing sentence structure, writing short stories and recognizing themes. This book will also allow you to practice verbs, reading comprehension, opposites and more!

Beginner Level Project Books

Our Lower Level Project Book includes fun activities like I Spy to expand your vocabulary and following directions about drawing! This book will get also get you up and moving, as you will be sent on a scavenger hunt to find certain items in your house.

Intermediate Level Project Books

Our Upper Level Project Book explores exciting topics like travelling, emotions, food, seasons, and clothing! You will also have to conduct some internet research to expand your knowledge of plants, movies, music, camping and more!