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U+ Workbooks are designed to help improve your learning in a fun and educational way while aiding language development! The workbooks complement and go beyond the curriculum taught in classes to help you level up and get ahead. The U+ Bookstore offers different levels of language development to help you learn a new language!

S.T.E.A.M Books

Our S.T.E.A.M books prepare students for a future in these fields.


Uncertain about your future? Try our graduation handbooks!

English Books

Our English workbooks are perfect for learning how to speak English.

French Books

As an official Canadian language, we have numerous books for it!

Spanish Books

Learn about nouns, subjects, verbs and objects with our workbooks.

Mandarin Books

Learn one of the most popular international languages in the world.

Cantonese Books

Learn how to create sentences in Cantonese with our workbooks!


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