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Language: A High School Journey (English)

U+ has launched our second book! This book is about the language learning journey of high school students. We interviewed hundreds of students and teachers to gather information on how they stay motivated with online learning. We reveal different approaches to productive language learning. Learning a language is a lifelong milestone, and you decide your journey style.

Teaching Your Child Another Language (English)

U+ has launched our first research book! This book uses the research of many language journeys to provide insight on how to assist your child on their journey to becoming bilingual, trilingual, or polyglot. We look at different techniques that have been proven to support learning and give parents a deeper dive into our teaching methods. Learning a new language can be challenging, but with the right approach, it is a goal that can be accomplished.

Teaching Your Child Another Language (Mandarin)

U+ 推出了我们的第一本研究书籍! 本书通过对许多语言旅程的研究来提供有关如何帮助您的孩子成为双语、三语或多语种的旅程的见解。 我们着眼于那些已被证明可以促进语言学习的方法,并想让家长更深入地了解我们的教学技术。 学习一门新语言可能具有挑战性,但通过正确的方法,这是一个可以实现的目标。

Excelling in Co-operative Education

This book is crafted to guide co-op students as they embark on new workplace adventures and to equip them with confidence and a sense of preparedness. Navigating through the nuances of adapting to a workplace environment can be daunting yet achievable with informed strategies and an open mindset.