Emily Yang: Merging Experience and Passion at U Plus Education

Emily Yang: Merging Experience and Passion at U Plus Education

In our exploration of the dedicated individuals at U Plus Education, we introduce Emily Yang, a versatile Marketing Coordinator and Web Developer, driven by her passion for User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) design. Her journey at U Plus Education seamlessly combines her prior experience as a Social Media Coordinator with her academic background and career aspirations.

The Perfect Alignment

Emily’s motivation to join U Plus Education stems from the unique opportunity it offers. She saw it as a chance to bring together her past experience as a Social Media Coordinator with her deep passion for UX/UI design. The flexibility to leverage her skills and interests in alignment with her career goals was a compelling factor.
“Moreover, having studied User Experience Design at university, I was excited to put my academic knowledge into practical use,” Emily highlights.

Expectations Met with Warmth

Emily’s initial expectations were to find herself in a dynamic, creative environment where she could contribute to the company’s growth, refine her design skills, and, most importantly, make a positive impact through user-centered design. Her first interactions with the U Plus Education team and its organizational culture were nothing short of exciting and welcoming.

“Although I mistakenly arrived a week early before my start date, the team was understanding and accommodating,” Emily reminisces. On orientation day, she had the opportunity to meet everyone in person and discuss her role with Kevin. He was receptive to her interest in graphic design and web development. Emily also connected with Sofia, the other Marketing Coordinator, who specialized in social media. Together, they brainstormed ideas for an upcoming project and bonded over lunch.

What struck Emily most was the warm and genuinely friendly nature of everyone within the organization.

A Platform for Growth

For Emily, U Plus Education serves as a crucial platform for both academic and professional development. In this dynamic environment, she has the opportunity to sharpen her skills in website design, gaining practical experience that complements her academic background. Her work on graphic design and web development projects allows her to explore her aptitude for UX/UI design, aiding her in making informed career decisions.

“Additionally, the connections I’m forming at U+, such as my interaction with Teagan, the former graphic design co-op student from my university, provide valuable networking opportunities and potential mentors, further enhancing my growth within this organization,” Emily affirms.

As Emily continues her journey at U Plus Education, her passion for UX/UI design, combined with her practical experiences, will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the organization’s success. Her dedication to creating user-centered designs and her warm approach to team collaboration are shaping her path toward making a lasting impact. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the dedicated individuals who contribute to U Plus Education’s mission.

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