Students to Business – Week 6: Tech Troubles, Excel Exploits, and Mutual Alliances

Students to Business - Week 6: Tech Troubles, Excel Exploits, and Mutual Alliances

In my eventful week at U+, I tackled two significant projects – the ‘All Hands on Deck’ and the ‘Elevator Pitch.’ The former project, in particular, is all about finding sponsors and partners for U+, contributing to our organizational goals. I’m Vithusan Sathesh, and here’s a glimpse of my week’s adventures and challenges.

What were the most significant tasks or projects you worked on this week, and how did they contribute to U+'s goals and objectives?

I worked on the all hands on deck project as well as the elevator pitch project. The all hands on deck in specific helps U+ help find sponsors/anyone who is able to partner with the organization. This contributes to U+ goals as we are able to partner with other people to help sponsor us to complete goals or partner to help.
  • Vithusan Sathesh

Describe a challenge you encountered during your work this week. How did you approach and overcome this challenge, or what steps did you take to seek assistance and learn from it?

A challenge I encountered during my work week was having tech issues. I had issues with my laptop that hindered my ability to join a mandatory meeting. I made sure to contact my supervisor and fix the issue for the next meeting. I learned to make sure all my devices work before signing into my placement/joining meetings.
  • Vithusan Sathesh

Reflect on the skills you utilized or developed this week. Which skills were the most important for your tasks, and how do you see them benefiting your future career aspirations?

I utilized my excel skills and built up on it. The excel skills I used were basic however but it did help me with the all hands on deck task. I built my researching skills as I had to research each organization to find their social media. I feel as though the excel skills would help with my career aspirations as my job would be using excel frequently. The ability to research organizations also helps for finding jobs.
  • Vithusan Sathesh

What interactions or collaborations with colleagues or supervisors stood out to you this week? How did these interactions enhance your understanding of the workplace and the industry?

My meeting that had no supervisor and was hosted by colleagues only stood out to me. It made me realize that our meetings don’t have to be very formal and need to have someone continually asking us questions, and rather we can all equally contribute to the meeting.
  • Vithusan Sathesh

Consider any insights or lessons you've gained about U+'s industry or the professional world in general. How do these insights align with your career goals, and do they influence your perspective on your future path?

An insight I learned that regardless of what your organization stands for/does you are able to partner with organizations that are in different industries and mutually benefit each other. I learned this from the all hands on deck project.
  • Vithusan Sathesh

Throughout the week, I gained valuable insights into the professional world and U+’s industry. The importance of forging partnerships across different industries became apparent, emphasizing the versatility of collaboration. As I reflect on these experiences, I see them aligning perfectly with my career aspirations, where tech glitches, Excel wizardry, and the art of mutual alliances will undoubtedly play a starring role. This week has shaped my perspective on the path I want to pursue in the professional realm, leaving me excited for what lies ahead.

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