Students to Business – Week 7: A Week of Juggling, Nerves, and Perfectly Timed Elevator Pitches!

Students to Business - Week 7: A Week of Juggling, Nerves, and Perfectly Timed Elevator Pitches!

In this week’s blog, we’ll take a closer look at the experiences of two U+ team members, Akshitha Garikamukkala and Everest Thomas. They share their most significant tasks, challenges, skills utilized, and interactions in the workplace. Furthermore, they offer insights and lessons learned that have shaped their perspectives on the professional world and their career aspirations.

Akshitha Garikamukkala's Week:

Significant Projects:

Akshitha had a busy week juggling multiple tasks. She worked on the ‘all hands on deck’ project and was assigned to the Riipen project with her HR assistant. The Riipen project aimed to compile a list of things U+ could learn from different organizations, aligning with the company’s goals.

Challenges Faced:

One significant challenge for Akshitha was recording her elevator pitch videos. Despite practicing, she was nervous about the outcome. To overcome this, she sought assistance from her mom, who helped with filming. This experience brought a sense of relief and accomplishment.

Skills Developed:

Akshitha honed her time management and communication skills. Efficient time management was crucial due to her numerous tasks, and this skill will undoubtedly benefit her future career aspirations.

Noteworthy Interactions:

Akshitha highlighted a HR meeting where bonding among team members took place in the absence of the supervisor. Her collaboration with her HR assistant during the Riipen project also stood out, fostering better understanding and cooperation.

Career Insights:

Akshitha emphasized the importance of time management in handling substantial projects like the ‘all hands on deck.’ This lesson aligns with her career goals, emphasizing the need to use time effectively in a professional setting.

Quotes from Akshitha:

“Facing challenges head-on is where growth happens. You may be nervous, but seeking assistance and taking that step is key to success.”

“In a world where time is money, mastering time management is my golden ticket to a successful career.”

Everest Thomas's Week:

Significant Projects:

Everest continued working on the ‘all hands on deck’ project, conducting extensive research. He also submitted the Elevator Pitches video assigned by Carey and was preparing to discuss a new project related to his Rich Performance Task with Kevin.

Challenges Faced:

One of Everest’s challenges was managing university applications alongside his other responsibilities. To address this, he improved his time management and created dedicated time slots for each task.

Skills Developed:

Everest utilized time management and communication skills throughout the week. He efficiently scheduled his work and interacted with a new co-op student, showcasing his ability to adapt and collaborate.

Noteworthy Interactions:

For Everest, the HR meeting was an opportunity to bond with colleagues when the supervisor was absent. He also met a new co-op student in person, revealing the diverse work environment at U+ Education.

Career Insights:

Like Akshitha, Everest highlighted the importance of time management, especially when dealing with significant projects. The lessons learned about time management will undoubtedly serve him well in his future career.

Quotes from Everest:

“Balancing academics, work, and extracurriculars taught me the importance of efficient time management.”

“Every interaction in the workplace is a learning opportunity. Embrace diversity and adaptability to thrive in the professional world.”

These glimpses into the workweek of Akshitha and Everest at U+ Education provide valuable insights into the challenges, skills, and experiences that are shaping their future career paths. Time management emerges as a key skill, and their interactions with colleagues highlight the importance of collaboration and adaptability in the professional world. These insights will undoubtedly influence their perspectives on their future paths and help them achieve their career goals.

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