Student to Web Developer – Week 6: Web Wizards and the Enchanted Code

Student to Web Developer – Week 6: Web Wizards and the Enchanted Code

In the fast-paced world of U+, where digital interfaces and websites play a crucial role in reaching their target audience, employees like Shievon and Alora work diligently to contribute to the company’s goals and objectives. In this blog post, we’ll delve into their experiences from the past week, discussing the significant tasks they tackled, the challenges they encountered, skills they developed, and the interactions that shaped their understanding of the industry. Let’s explore their insights and lessons learned that align with their career aspirations.

Significant Tasks

Shievon, focused on improving the YRES Volunteer page and creating a blog post for Student to Marketing, recognized the importance of these digital interfaces in promoting U+. His tasks were vital for maintaining a professional online presence, engaging potential clients, and educating others about life at U+.

Alora, working on the Toastmasters website, embraced the opportunity to learn and apply various software features to enhance the company’s online presence. Her newfound skills are poised to contribute positively to U+ by allowing her to make impactful improvements to their websites.

Challenges and Overcoming Them

Shievon’s challenge was the lack of experience with WordPress, a crucial platform for website development. He overcame this challenge through self-learning, gaining a better understanding of WordPress’s features and tools. When specific questions arose, he effectively sought assistance from his supervisor and co-workers, further honing his communication and problem-solving skills.

Alora, being relatively new to website improvement, didn’t encounter significant challenges this week, but her determination to learn and adapt to new software tools is a promising sign of her commitment to professional growth.

Skills Utilized and Developed:

Shievon highlighted the importance of communication and collaboration skills in his work. These skills enabled him to interact effectively with colleagues, asking and answering questions. His problem-solving skills were also enhanced as he tackled unfamiliar WordPress concepts. These skills are transferrable and will be invaluable in any career, aligning perfectly with his career aspirations.

Alora emphasized her development of technical skills in using website editing tools. Her growing proficiency in web development tools will be an asset in her career, providing a foundation for future growth in the field.

Interactions and Collaborations

Shievon’s interactions with his supervisor, Hugo, and collaborations with other web developers were instrumental in his learning process. These interactions gave him a deeper understanding of his tasks and how to navigate the workplace efficiently.

Alora’s team meeting was an eye-opener, allowing her to learn from her colleagues and gain insights into how web development meetings in a professional setting function. These interactions provided her with valuable knowledge for her future career.

Insights and Lessons for the Future

Both Shievon and Alora recognized the value of transferrable skills, such as communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, and how these skills can be applied across various career scenarios. Their experiences aligned with their career goals by providing a clearer understanding of the web development industry and shaping their future career paths.

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