Students to Marketing – Week 6:  Marketing Mishaps and Canva Comedy!

Students to Marketing – Week 6: Marketing Mishaps and Canva Comedy!

At U+, each week is a new adventure filled with tasks and projects that contribute to the company’s goals and objectives. This week, Myriah Williams and Ronn share their experiences, challenges, and lessons learned in the dynamic world of marketing. Let’s dive into the behind-the-scenes of their work at U+ and discover how it aligns with their future career aspirations.

Significant Tasks and Contributions:

Myriah Williams kicked off her week by diving into the YouTube and TikTok project and scripts, a crucial part of U+’s digital presence. Simultaneously, Ronn focused on improving the quality of Facebook posts by reviewing comments, a vital step in promoting YRES. Both these tasks are instrumental in contributing to U+’s goals.

Facing Challenges and Seeking Assistance:

Challenges are inevitable in the professional world. Myriah encountered script-related hurdles in the YouTube and TikTok project but wisely sought assistance from her colleague, Emily, through questions and meetings. Ronn faced difficulties in promoting the YRES volunteer program but overcame them by asking for advice and researching online for examples.

Skills Development for Future Success:

Both Myriah and Ronn honed important skills during the week. Myriah’s experience taught her the value of asking questions when stuck, a skill that will undoubtedly benefit her in the future. Ronn learned to create more engaging posts using Canva’s tools, enhancing his creativity and versatility for future endeavors.

Collaborations and Interactions:

Collaborations with colleagues and supervisors played a significant role in enhancing their understanding of the workplace and the industry. Myriah’s work with Emily provided insights into U+’s operations and the functioning of TikTok and YouTube channels.

Ronn’s interactions with Sofia provided valuable feedback on designs and captions, shedding light on what makes an effective advertisement or design.

Insights and Career Alignment:

The week offered Myriah lessons in the importance of asking questions and understanding scripting, aligning with her career goals. Ronn’s newfound grasp of marketing concepts may open doors to a potential career in this field, as he learns how to market effectively.

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