Gizem Taraman: Journey as a Teacher’s Assistant at U Plus Education

Gizem Taraman: Journey as a Teacher’s Assistant at U Plus Education

In our series featuring dedicated individuals at U Plus Education, we’re thrilled to introduce Gizem Taraman, a Teacher’s Assistant who is deeply committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children and families. Gizem’s journey in her role as a Teacher’s Assistant over the last month has been filled with challenges, personal growth, and exciting accomplishments.

The Motivation to Make a Difference

Gizem’s passion for helping and her desire to be a part of an organization that truly makes a change were the driving forces that led her to join U Plus Education. She was particularly impressed by the organization’s commitment to providing various programs and ensuring accessibility to children and families facing challenges in enrolling in educational programs.

Navigating Challenges

Over the past month, Gizem faced significant challenges in her role as a Teacher’s Assistant. While she didn’t go into specific details about the challenges, it’s clear that she approached them with determination and a problem-solving mindset. Seeking assistance when necessary, Gizem demonstrated resilience and a commitment to overcoming obstacles in her path.

Personal Growth and Future Prospects

Gizem’s personal growth has been a remarkable aspect of her journey at U Plus Education. Her first interaction with the team, led by Kevin, at the office in Markham left her excited and motivated. It’s evident that her experiences at U Plus Education have positively impacted her skills, work habits, and problem-solving abilities, which bodes well for her future career.

Proud Accomplishments

Gizem has reason to be proud of her achievements in the past month. She has begun gaining valuable experience with lesson plans, a fundamental aspect of teaching and an essential skill for her desired career path. Moreover, her supervisor, Kevin, has played a crucial role in her growth, displaying a willingness to support her in gaining experience and achieving her goals within the organization. The open and supportive environment at U Plus Education has been instrumental in Gizem’s success.

As Gizem continues her journey as a Teacher’s Assistant at U Plus Education, there’s no doubt that she will further contribute to the organization’s mission of making quality education accessible to all. Her passion, dedication, and personal growth will continue to shape her future and positively impact the lives of the children and families she serves.

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