Carmen Tai: Shaping the Future of Education, One Student at a Time

Carmen Tai: Shaping the Future of Education, One Student at a Time

In our ongoing series highlighting the dedicated individuals at U Plus Education, we introduce Carmen Tai, a passionate Teaching Assistant, who is gaining valuable insights into her future career as an educator. Carmen’s co-op placement involves various responsibilities and tasks that directly relate to her academic studies and are shaping her personal and professional growth.

Teaching Assistant Duties and Academic Alignment

Carmen’s primary responsibilities during her co-op placement include providing one-on-one tutoring sessions, tracking and reporting on student progress, exploring Gavel Club, and writing blogs. These responsibilities have a strong connection to her academic pursuits, as Carmen aspires to become a teacher.
“This supports my academic studies as I am working towards being a teacher. Having this experience with working/engaging with kids and observing them supports my future goals as it is what I would have to do in the future,” Carmen highlights.
Writing Gavel Club blogs, in particular, provides a form of documentation in the education field, much like the observation and record-keeping that teachers regularly engage in.

Personal and Professional Growth

Carmen’s co-op experience has been instrumental in her personal and professional development. Working one-on-one with students presents unique challenges, including language barriers and the virtual nature of the sessions. Carmen’s patience is tested as she strives to make the learning experience engaging for her students. She takes their ideas into account, striving to create a learning environment that accommodates their preferences and needs.
“I try to implement his ideas and take in suggestions on what he wants to do. For example, I allow him to pick out a book that he wants to read,” Carmen shares.

A Proud Accomplishment

Carmen’s co-op journey includes the completion of her first Gavel Club blog. This was her first experience writing a blog post intended for a wider audience beyond her classmates and teachers. Carmen takes pride in her accomplishment, having invested time and effort in writing and revising the blog. This experience has underscored the importance of dedication and effort in producing high-quality work.
“It has shown me that when you put time and effort into your work, your work will be evident in your results,” Carmen reflects.

Carmen’s journey as a Teaching Assistant at U Plus Education exemplifies her dedication to education and her commitment to fostering an engaging and inclusive learning environment. Her journey is a testament to the potential for growth and personal development in the field of education. Stay tuned for more insights and inspiration from Carmen’s journey in the coming months.

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