Students to Business – Week 8: From Classroom Labels to Project Closure!

Students to Business - Week 8: From Classroom Labels to Project Closure!

Hey there, it’s been a rollercoaster ride this week for the business team at U+! Let’s dive into the projects, challenges, and insights our members encountered:

Contributions to U+'s Goals

Vanessa worked on the “Classroom Labeling” project, emphasizing the importance of privacy and efficient organization. She mentions, “I think by keeping their privacy, I was contributing to U+’s goals/objectives.”

Meanwhile, Selina was focused on improving slides by providing constructive comments. Her efforts were centered on making impactful improvements for the future.

Challenges Faced:

Selina found managing her workload challenging due to time constraints. To tackle this, she split her work into manageable parts and sought clarification on any missed details.
Vanessa encountered challenges in communication regarding ongoing projects, aiming for clearer directives.

Skills Utilized & Developed:

Vanessa highlighted the critical importance of time management, especially when catching up on missed tasks. She shares, “Without this skill, I wouldn’t have finished all the work I missed on time.”
Selina focused on learning how to wrap up projects, understanding the essential steps and checks involved in the process.

Interactions and Collaborations:

Vanessa found her week mostly individual due to being occupied with tasks but appreciated interactions with colleagues like Kevin and Carey.
Selina, on the other hand, focused on helping newcomers understand the workflow, enhancing her collaborative skills and team communication.

Insights and Lessons

Vanessa was struck by the transition from school to work, where personal responsibility reigns. She shares, “Working here has made me feel less like a kid and more like a real worker.”

For Selina, the experience of wrapping up projects proves invaluable for her career, understanding the requirements and how to conclude tasks within a team environment.

The team’s journey at U+ echoes the transition from the academic realm to the professional world, emphasizing personal responsibility, time management, and the intricate nuances of project closure. These insights align with their career aspirations, shaping their perspectives for future endeavors.

Stay tuned for more adventures as we navigate the exciting world of U+ and the diverse challenges it brings! 

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