Students to Marketing – Week 7:  The TikTok Quest for Less Corporate Toast

Students to Marketing – Week 7: The TikTok Quest for Less Corporate Toast

Get ready to embark on a week at U+ that’s as adventurous as it is educational! Ambika Singh and Owen Worsfold, our dynamic duo of the digital world, have been taking the plunge into significant tasks, tackling unforeseen challenges, and mastering skills that promise to serve them well on their career journeys.

Ambika led the charge on an all-hands-on-deck storybook project that’s promoting a love for reading among young co-op students. Meanwhile, Owen has been on a mission to make U+’s social media less corporate and more engaging, one post at a time. With obstacles to overcome and skills to hone, join us as we journey through their exciting week at U+ where teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving take center stage.

Significant Tasks:

Ambika Singh’s most significant project involved leading an all-hands-on-deck storybook project that engaged high school co-op students. The project entailed creating story templates and managing story submissions, ultimately contributing to U+’s goal of promoting reading among children.

In contrast, Owen Worsfold focused on social media, particularly making the first posts for YRES TikTok and YouTube and completing a post for U+ Toastmasters. His work aimed to infuse a more engaging and less corporate tone into the Toastmasters Instagram.

Ambika Singh explains, “This project contributes to U+ goals and objectives because it involves creating stories for the kids to read, which further helps their reading.”

Owen Worsfold adds, “I also finished my post for U+ Toastmasters. I think my posts are making the Toastmasters Instagram much less corporate.”

Challenges and Solutions:

Ambika Singh faced a challenge in researching information for the all-hands-on-deck project, such as finding email addresses for businesses. Her solution involved searching through various sources and sometimes marking information as “N/A” if unavailable.

Owen Worsfold encountered difficulty in generating ideas for his social media posts but managed to create content that was well-received by his team.

Ambika Singh elaborates on her challenge: “It was challenging not finding the information on the business, for example, the email.”

Owen Worsfold’s challenge was to find ideas for posts: “I didn’t really think they looked too good. Though, everyone else thought they looked great, so I was happy.”

Skills Utilized and Developed:

Ambika Singh primarily utilized communication and organization skills for her tasks, with a strong emphasis on organization to handle multiple responsibilities efficiently.

Owen Worsfold applied Canva and creativity skills for design work, anticipating the value of teamwork skills for his future career in graphic design.

Ambika Singh highlights her organization skills as crucial: “Some days I had a lot of tasks, so organizing and prioritizing what needed to be done was a must.”

Owen Worsfold recognizes the value of teamwork: “In the future, I think some of my teamwork skills will really come in handy.”

Interactions and Collaborations:

Ambika Singh had valuable interactions with Kevin, who provided clear guidance and feedback, enhancing her understanding that seeking help from colleagues is a crucial part of the learning process.

Owen Worsfold worked closely with Jacob and Myriah on the YRES video project, gaining insight into the multifaceted process of creating social media content.

Ambika Singh learned from her interactions: “This interaction helped me understand that if you ask for help, your colleagues will help you.”

Owen Worsfold realized the complexity of teamwork: “I realized that there were way more steps in making a social media video than I thought.”

Insights and Lessons:

Ambika Singh’s leadership role in the all-hands-on-deck project provided her with an understanding of leadership responsibilities, aligning with her future career goal of becoming a Chief Marketing Officer. This insight gives her a practical understanding of leadership in a professional setting.

Owen Worsfold’s experiences with Canva and teamwork have enriched his skills for a future career in graphic design. The knowledge gained through these experiences will be valuable as he progresses in his chosen field.

Ambika Singh finds alignment with her career goals: “This further influences me, as well as, aligns with my future career goals because I wish to become a Chief Marketing Officer way in the future.”

Owen Worsfold reflects on the impact of his experiences: “I learned a lot more about how Canva works and how to work in a team. In the future, I want to go into graphic design, and I think the use of Canva and working in a team is really helpful for the future.”

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