Students to Marketing – Week 11:  Navigating the Week with Coffee And Canva

Students to Marketing – Week 11: Navigating the Week with Coffee And Canva

As the week draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the significant tasks, challenges faced, skills developed, and interactions that have shaped our experiences at U+. Each day at U+ Education brings new opportunities and lessons that contribute to our personal and professional growth. Let’s dive into the highlights of this week for Ocean and Semih Kavak.

Contributions to U+'s Goals

Ocean took the reins in enhancing U+’s social media presence. Crafting two engaging LinkedIn posts, Ocean seamlessly blended creativity with efficiency. Meanwhile, Semih Kavak navigated a busy schedule by meticulously planning tasks, ensuring that his contributions align with U+’s objectives.

Challenges and Solutions

Ocean faced the challenge of managing multiple posts independently. However, by setting clear goals and deadlines through a detailed to-do list, she successfully overcame this hurdle. Semih Kavak emphasized the importance of effective time management in dealing with a workload, reinforcing the idea that a structured approach leads to success.

Skill Development

Both contributors highlighted the importance of honing specific skills during their tasks. Ocean improved her graphic design abilities through the creation of LinkedIn posts, demonstrating the practical application of her creativity. Semih Kavak utilized his organizational skills, showcasing the significance of meticulous planning in a dynamic work environment.

Interactions and Collaborations

Ocean reached out to colleagues for testimonials, showcasing the collaborative spirit within the team. In contrast, Semih Kavak’s interactions mainly revolved around discussions with supervisors, emphasizing the importance of effective communication within the workplace.

Insights and Lessons Learned

Ocean’s experience emphasized the value of improved communication and collaboration. Semih Kavak recognized the paramount importance of a strong work ethic in the industry, aligning with the ethos of U+ Education. Both contributors gleaned insights into the professional world, shaping their perspectives and influencing their future paths.

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