Meet The Coding Team!

Meet The Coding Team!

Interview with Victor Amisi

Victor Amisi, a computer engineering student from Algonquin, is a full-time co-op student at U+ Education where he works as part of the coding team. 

U+ Education is an online education company based out of Markham, Ontario. U+ hires many co-op students as the company values providing high quality education and helping its students grow. Co-op is another opportunity to help students grow with the help of U+, gaining real work experience and learning essential job skills. 

U+ hires co-op students across many different programs to do a variety of different tasks suited to their skill set. Through an interview with Victor — in which I asked him several questions about the difficulty of his work, new skills he learned, suggestions for others interested in coding, and the importance of the coding team— I was able to learn more about the U+ coding team and the essential work they do.

Current Project and Difficulties

The first question I asked is, ‘What’s the biggest difficulty in your current project?’. 

Victor said his current project is analyzing the structure of the website and the hardest thing is to check the grammar mistakes and spacing. They have to be picky for those small mistakes, like the font size.

New Skills Learned at U+

When talking about the new skills Victor learned as a part of the coding team, he said, ‘I’ve learned a lot of great skills. The first one is using Hubspot. I’ve learned how to create automatic emails by using Hubspot. When customers order something on the U+ website, they’ll get automatic emails, and I’ll make sure those emails get sent out.

Suggestions for New People Interested in Joining U+

Victor emphasized the importance of teamwork. ‘You have to learn how to work well with a team and can’t work by yourself. Because when you are working in a team, there are fewer things that are gonna go wrong.’ 

He also pointed out that teamwork will make the work more efficient, and the team can deliver the project on time.

U+ takes on co-op students from both high schools and universities all year around. If you are interested in becoming a part of the team like Victor, you can apply on the U+ website.

How Coding Makes U+ Better

When talking about how coding helps with the U+ website, Victor said that, as a web developer, he makes sure all the technical functions work well. 

When making a new page, he is responsible for maintaining the back-end, all the data resources, and ensuring the front-end stuff works consistently. He needs to make the website clean and professional. As an engineer, he ensures the system keeps sending messages to them when customers buy things online.

~ Tina Zhang

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