Cindy – January Reflection

My January with U Plus Education

What motivated you to join U+?

I was intrigued by U+ upon seeing the listing on WaterlooWorks as the job description included many areas of interest while centering around teaching and management – which are practices that I have done in the past but have not honed yet. I saw it as an opportunity to develop many new skills, while simultaneously enhancing older skills I learned previously. Teaching and playing around with kids have always been something I found amusing due to their spontaneity and energetic nature. I would often join reading buddies and play around with younger kids during recess, so I found U+ as a perfect place that fits my interests. Moreso, I found the idea of working hybrid pleasant, as that would mean I can go in person, meet new people, but not worry too much about transportation, as I would work from home most days.

What was your impression of first interactions with the team and the organization’s culture?

My first interaction with the team was overwhelmingly pleasant. Everybody I met was extremely kind and welcoming, completely unlike what I had thought. Upon meeting everybody for the first time, I was beyond nervous and expected a strict atmosphere, one with white-collared workers. However, I quickly realized that everybody was friendly and easy-going. I had no trouble talking to anybody despite usually being very introverted and quiet. When I found out that we all went to the same school, I was filled with even more comfort as I felt like we were all from the same place. I viewed everyone not as just coworkers, but as friends I could grow close with over the upcoming months.

How do you envision U+ contributing to your academic and professional growth?
At U+ I have already found myself developing many skills, such as communication and leadership skills, which will greatly benefit me in the future, both in and out of school. Moreso, U+ gives us a lot of creative freedom and opportunities to express ourselves and our ideas without the fear of being shut down or judged. This allows me to be more confident in myself and my ideas, which has always been something I struggled with in the past. Moreso, at U+ due to teaching many younger kids, we must hone the basic foundations of what we are teaching. For example, I teach Math Elites every week. In order to teach these classes, I must make sure I fully understand the concepts completely, which has caused me to enhance my math skills and strengthen my math foundations even more.

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