Flora – April Reflection

My April with U Plus Education

As your co-op experience comes to an end, what are your key takeaways and lessons learned from the entire experience?

One of my most memorable “Aha!” moments in the past 3 months was March Break Camp! I had never done such an extensive leadership role before, so being a site leader for MBC was a new and intimidating experience. However, midway through the camp, I realized that I enjoyed having a managerial role and managing the site. In addition to that, I liked getting to work with all kinds of different people, even the kids! After this experience, I think I want to try a co-op in the future where I can lead/manage a project.

How has your co-op influenced your career goals and future plans? Are you considering pursuing a career in the field you completed your co-op in?

If I were to describe my co-op experience as a movie, I would choose Spirited Away. In Spirited Away, we follow a young girl called Chihiro as she navigates an unknown world to save her parents and return home. On the way there, she meets many new people but also deals with many challenges and tribulations. Relating to my co-op experience, working at U+ was entering an unknown world where everything was intimidating and new. I dealt with many challenges and learned to work in a professional environment. However, on the way, through making mistakes, conquering challenges and learning from others, I’ve definitely improved as a worker. Like Chihiro, after leaving the unknown world, I’ve learned many new things and grown as a person too 🙂

What advice would you offer to fellow students who are planning to embark on their co-op journeys or are currently in the midst of their co-op experiences?

One of the coolest things I learned that wasn’t in my job description was graphic design. I had some previous graphic design experience, but at U+, I got to improve my design skills and complete some really cool projects! I loved that I got the opportunity to learn more about Adobe Illustrator and more general design concepts, such as using textures, lighting and composing shapes.

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