Carson – April Reflection

My April with U Plus Education

As your co-op experience comes to an end, what are your key takeaways and lessons learned from the entire experience?

One key takeaway I got was the importance of a relationship in the workplace. You can make many connections with supervisors, employees, co-ops, etc. but if you don’t have a good working relationship, you aren’t really enjoying the benefits of the job. Being able to talk to your fellow co-workers and building that bond has allowed me to become closer to them and make it so that it is easier to reach out for help. You can even do things outside of work with your co-workers if you have that connection with them, and that really stood out to me this term.

How has your co-op influenced your career goals and future plans? Are you considering pursuing a career in the field you completed your co-op in?

My co-op has further solidified my goal of becoming a teacher or working in education. Working with my own cohort of students, it opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities that may happen working with people. Everyone is different, has different goals, and needs different things and it makes it interesting getting to work them all.

What advice would you offer to fellow students who are planning to embark on their co-op journeys or are currently in the midst of their co-op experiences?

My advice would be to have strong communication. Reaching out, making jokes, and giving encouragement really goes a long way and it’ll make your co-op placements that much more enjoyable. Even being able to communicate well with your manager or supervisor will benefit you in the long run. Remember that everyone wants you to succeed and learn and grow so don’t be afraid to communicate this yourself!

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