Students to Business – Week 10: Navigating the Maze of Emails, Grants, and Group Frantics

Students to Business - Week 10: Navigating the Maze of Emails, Grants, and Group Frantics

Embarking on a journey into the realm of high school co-op experiences, we delve into the week of Ariana Zheng, a dedicated co-op student at U+. Join us as we explore her impactful contributions, challenges faced, skills developed, and valuable interactions within the professional realm of high school co-op. Ariana’s experiences offer valuable insights into the dynamic world of cooperative education, showcasing the growth and learning opportunities it provides.

Making a Difference Through YRES Donations

Ariana reflects on her involvement in YRES donations, stating, “Recently, I’ve been working on a lot in the realm of YRES donations. I helped send out a bunch of emails looking for potential donors or partners for the company and even helped figure out a few grant opportunities within our reach.” This showcases her commitment to contributing to both YRES and U+’s goals, aiming to expand outreach opportunities and improve program quality through increased funding.

Collaborative Triumphs

Ariana faced a challenge earlier in the week when her team was tasked with an urgent grant submission due on the same day. She shares,“While all of us were a little confused and frantic to take on the project, we ended up working together well to revise the submission proposal as well as provide our own insight on the ideas.”

This experience emphasizes the efficiency and value of teamwork, a crucial skill in any professional setting.

Skills Development

Ariana highlights the development of her communication and teamwork skills during the week, noting,
“I’m learning the ups and downs of group projects and how to go about them in good ways. This will certainly aid me in my future ventures into the real workforce as teamwork + communications are vital skills.”
Her recognition of the importance of these skills bodes well for her future career aspirations, indicating readiness for success in team meetings and collaborative projects.

Noteworthy Interactions

The interactions that stood out to Ariana were those with her colleagues. She observes, “I was intrigued by the different strengths each person brings to the table in a group project.” Witnessing the dedication and impressive skills of her colleagues at U+ has given her valuable insights into the dynamics of the professional world.

Lessons for the Future

Ariana concludes by acknowledging her ongoing learning journey, stating, “Witnessing their dedication and impressive skills when it came to doing tasks at U+ showed me I still have a lot to learn.” This humble acknowledgment aligns with the essence of a high school co-op – a platform to gain valuable insights, refine skills, and set the stage for future career goals.

Ariana Zheng’s week in the high school co-op at U+ exemplifies the dynamic nature of experiential learning. From impactful contributions to collaborative triumphs, her journey underscores the invaluable skills gained in this environment. As we celebrate her achievements, we acknowledge the broader significance of co-op experiences in shaping the next generation of professionals. Here’s to the continuous growth, learning, and the promising futures being cultivated in high school co-op programs worldwide.

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