Student to Web Developer – Week 3: Building Foundations for Success

Student to Web Developer - Week 3: Building Foundations for Success

 In the fast-paced world of web development, each week at U+ brings fresh challenges and opportunities to expand our skillset. As high school co-op students diving into the realm of web development, Week 3 marked a significant milestone in our journey.

This week, we took significant strides in preparing for upcoming website development tasks by immersing ourselves in essential tools like Wix, WordPress, and Jincheng Liu and Gloriana Zheng, two dynamic co-op students, shared their experiences, revealing how these tasks align with U+’s goals of creating captivating websites that engage visitors.

What were the most significant tasks or projects you worked on this week, and how did they contribute to U+'s goals and objectives?

Jincheng Liu – Web Developer Assistant: 

This week I started to prepare for the incoming website development tasks by getting myself familiarized with all the necessary tools, such as Wix, WordPress,

Gloriana Zheng – Web Developer Assistant:

This week I contributed to U+ goals and objectives by continuing to learn more about web development and all the different systems. I was given the opportunity to examine websites last week, and this week I got to actually learn and familiarize myself with Wix, WordPress, and I met with the Web Developer and other co-workers two times this week to learn more about the systems as well as watching training videos. We examined each website and Hugo showed us all the different dashboards and how to utilize the tools.

Describe a challenge you encountered during your work this week. How did you approach and overcome this challenge, or what steps did you take to seek assistance and learn from it?

Gloriana Zheng – Web Developer Assistant:
This week was a great week as I had the opportunity to learn so much about the different systems that we use here at U+. Catching on to something new can be a difficult task especially without a lot of experience so when I was watching the training videos for a system such as WordPress, which I have never used before, it was harder for me to understand. Therefore, I decided to watch multiple tutorials to gain more knowledge and understanding.

Reflect on the skills you utilized or developed this week. Which skills were the most important for your tasks, and how do you see them benefiting your future career aspirations?

Jincheng Liu – Web Developer Assistant: 

During this week I watched plenty of tutorials on website development. And this really help me to learn more about what the industrial standard look like and what I should expect. I believe that the skill I learned using the tools I learned at U+ can give me a greater chance to secure a good possition in my future career.

Gloriana Zheng – Web Developer Assistant:

The skill that I had to utilize the most this week was being adaptable. Adaptability was a very important part of this week as I had to learn a lot about new programs and technologies quickly. It is important that I adapt to Wix, WordPress, and so I can get comfortable with it. Therefore when I have tasks to do, it’ll be easier as I adapt to it. Being adaptable is important when working in computer science because I will always have to problem solve.

What interactions or collaborations with colleagues or supervisors stood out to you this week? How did these interactions enhance your understanding of the workplace and the industry?​

Jincheng Liu – Web Developer Assistant: 

I had some meetings this week that helps me to getting to know everyone in my team and our general direction of future tasks.

Gloriana Zheng – Web Developer Assistant:

This week I met with the web development team for the first time and these interactions with Hugo, Emily, and my co-workers stood out the most. Hugo taught us, co-op students, a lot about the different systems, Wix, WordPress, and These meeting were very helpful as I got all my questions answered and, Hugo and Emily did thorough explanations on these programs! They have helped me learn a lot about web development and I am excited to work alongside Hugo and my co-workers to improve the organization’s websites.

Consider any insights or lessons you've gained about U+'s industry or the professional world in general. How do these insights align with your career goals, and do they influence your perspective on your future path?

Jincheng Liu – Web Developer Assistant: 

I learned more about how people design and build websites more efficiently in the industry by using Wix, WordPress. I also learned how to use to communicate within a team when working on projects.

Gloriana Zheng – Web Developer Assistant:

Some insight that I have gained about U+’s industry is the way that U+ creates their websites and how they successfully develop them. I understand now all the features and programs that are used for web development and how to use these skills in the future. I previously did not have a lot of knowledge on web development so I feel as though this week was very helpful in allowing me to learn all about this.

As we conclude another week of high school co-op at U+, it’s clear that our journey in web development is shaping our understanding of this dynamic industry. Jincheng Liu’s dedication to learning and Gloriana Zheng’s adaptability highlight the importance of continuous growth in this field. The interactions with our web development team, including Hugo, Emily, and our co-workers, have been instrumental in expanding our knowledge and fostering a collaborative spirit.

With insights gained about industry standards and web development tools, we are building a strong foundation for future success in this ever-evolving field. Week by week, we inch closer to our career aspirations in web development and computer science.

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