Students to Marketing – Week 3: Crafting Creativity in Marketing

Students to Marketing - Week 3: Crafting Creativity in Marketing

In the ever-evolving landscape of high school co-op experiences at U+, each week unravels new challenges and opportunities for growth. As high school co-op students delving into the world of marketing and creativity, this week has been nothing short of remarkable. Our tasks have revolved around crafting Mojo books for various age groups, attending crucial meetings, and keeping up with essential paperwork. 

Ronn Chan’s journey involved finalizing and reviewing Mojo books, while Ambika Singh took the lead on the Mojo Story project, overseeing the creation of storybooks for ages 5, 10, and 15. These endeavors directly contribute to U+’s overarching goals of creative content development, community engagement, and personal growth, all in alignment with U+’s mission and vision.

What were the most significant tasks or projects you worked on this week, and how did they contribute to U+'s goals and objectives?

Ronn Chan – Marketing Assistant: Some significant tasks I have completed this week are finalizing and reviewing Mojo books I have created for 5, 10 and 15 year old’s. Some other side tasks are attending mandatory meetings, updating time sheets and finishing up paperwork.

Ambika Singh – Marketing Assistant: I have been given the opportunity to lead the Mojo Story project. This project entails making three story books, one for ages 5, 10, and 15. I had the honor of tracking the progress of the project, giving feedback to members when needed and assisting members when they had questions or concerns.

Describe a challenge you encountered during your work this week. How did you approach and overcome this challenge, or what steps did you take to seek assistance and learn from it?

Ronn Chan – Marketing Assistant: A challenge I encountered is that sometimes I struggled to find ideas for the books. So what I did is that I took a dictionary and used it to find words to get inspiration for a story plot. 

Ambika Singh – Marketing Assistant: Since I am the leader for the Mojo Story project and I had to track the progress it was a bit difficult to get everyone on the same page of what they were doing but through proper communication and holding meetings I got everyone on the same page doing the correct work. I have learned that everyone understands things differently and I have learned a valuable lesson f from this hurdle.

Reflect on the skills you utilized or developed this week. Which skills were the most important for your tasks, and how do you see them benefiting your future career aspirations?

Ronn Chan – Marketing Assistant: I used my creativity and critical thinking skills in order to find inspiration and create suitable plots and ideas for story books.
Ambika Singh – Marketing Assistant: I had to utilize communication throughout leading the Mojo Story Project. Since I was the leader, other members would come to me with numerous questions, and I had to know what I was going to tell them in order for them to do the right thing.

What interactions or collaborations with colleagues or supervisors stood out to you this week? How did these interactions enhance your understanding of the workplace and the industry?

Ronn Chan – Marketing Assistant: I interacted with my supervisor and fellow co-workers in order to gain feedback in my storybooks. I also got more familiar with the work place.

Ambika Singh – Marketing Assistant: Interactions with the members of the Mojo Story project stood out to me this week because they helped me, with knowing it, become a better leader. They challenged with there questions and sometimes I didn’t know how to navigate it, but luckily all of us were successful in what we were doing.

Consider any insights or lessons you've gained about U+'s industry or the professional world in general. How do these insights align with your career goals, and do they influence your perspective on your future path?

Ronn Chan – Marketing Assistant: I’ve learned a lot more about creating digitally, especially how I can express my creativity in different ways. Maybe I will find a passion through what I am doing right now.

Ambika Singh – Marketing Assistant: The opportunity to lead the Mojo Story project and the lessons I gained from the leadership role align with and influence my future career goals. I say this because I wish to obtain a leadership position in marketing sometime in the far future and this current leadership role has really been preparing me for that.

As we wrap up this week’s reflections, it’s evident that our high school co-op journey at U+ is shaping our understanding of marketing and leadership. Ronn Chan’s utilization of creativity and critical thinking to spark story ideas highlights the power of imagination. Ambika Singh’s experience in leading the Mojo Story project underscores the importance of effective communication and adaptable leadership. 

Our interactions with supervisors and colleagues have enriched our learning and prepared us for future career roles. These insights resonate with our career aspirations, equipping us with skills and perspectives that will be invaluable on our journey toward success in marketing and creativity. With each challenge, interaction, and collaboration, we’re one step closer to realizing our goals in the professional landscape.

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