Lily – March Reflection

My March with U Plus Education

What’s Your Most Memorable “Aha!” Moment from the Past Three Months?

My most memorable “Aha!” moment from the past three months was when I implemented the new page for the YRES Weekend Camp on Wix. This project provided me with insights into design concepts and the power of visual communication. It was a moment where I realized the impact of design on effectively conveying messages and engaging with an audience, further sparking my interest and perspective on my career path.

If Your Co-op Experience Were a Movie Title or a Movie, What Would It Be, and Why?

I would choose “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” because my coop journey so far has been an all-encompassing and diverse experience, with many different tasks and responsibilities that I never would have taken upon myself before. I had to adapt to a variety of different situations and overcome new “worlds,” much like the main character in the movie.

What’s the Coolest Thing You Learned That Wasn’t in the Job Description?
Creating TikToks for U+ was a fun and unexpected task that I got to do during my coop experience. It opened my eyes to the creative process behind short-form video content, including storytelling, audience engagement, and platform-specific trends. It also gave me insights into digital marketing strategies and the use of social media to promote a brand or message, which are valuable skills in today’s digital age.

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