Carson – March Reflection

My March with U Plus Education

 What’s Your Most Memorable “Aha!” Moment from the Past Three Months?

My most memorable Aha moment was when I suggested volunteers to show up at the march break camp ready to debrief at 8:45am and not come in at 8:45am. This seemed like a silly idea, but it helped make sure that everyone was there for the debrief and we had time before campers started coming in.

If Your Co-op Experience Were a Movie Title or a Movie, What Would It Be, and Why?

How to Train Your Dragon because it is a film about befriending something you would never expect. I would be Hiccup. I have worked with university co-ops which can be like Hiccup’s friends, and the dragons that we tame and befriend can be high school co-ops or volunteers from our March Break Camp.

What’s the Coolest Thing You Learned That Wasn’t in the Job Description?
The coolest thing I learned was that we have U+ Education sweatshirts!

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