Students to Business – Week 13: Mojo, Mojitos, and Mayhem

Students to Business – Week 13: Mojo, Mojitos, and Mayhem

Embarking on a high school co-op experience is a unique opportunity for students to gain real-world insights into the business realm. In this blog, we’ll delve into the experiences of two high school co-op students, Kyra Cheng and Karikesh Kokulan, as they share their reflections on the most significant tasks, challenges faced, skills developed, and valuable interactions during their week at U+.

Significant Tasks and Projects

Kyra Cheng found herself immersed in the creative challenge of crafting stories for English reading clubs using Mojo and Mojito characters. Her work involved catering to students of various ages, sparking her creativity and adapting content to diverse audiences. Meanwhile, Karikesh Kokulan delved into Project 3, involving the YRES volunteer form, and seamlessly transitioned to Project 4, contributing to the creation of storybooks for specific age groups. Both students actively engaged in team meetings and collaboration with co-op peers.

Overcoming Challenges

Kyra faced the initial hurdle of writing stories due to language barriers but persevered through practice. On the other hand, Karikesh encountered difficulties when supervisors were on break, requiring him to reach out to different individuals and conduct research to navigate complex tasks.

Skills Utilized and Developed

Kyra emphasized the importance of adaptability and attention to detail, while Karikesh honed problem-solving and researching skills. These competencies, acquired through hands-on experience, are invaluable for their future career aspirations.

Interactions and Collaborations

Kyra’s interaction with colleagues on exemplified the significance of seeking assistance from peers. Karikesh highlighted conversations with Aadam and Everest, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and collaboration in understanding and completing assignments.

Insights and Lessons

Kyra shared her insight on the necessity of a balanced work-life approach, prioritizing tasks, and cultivating a growth mindset. For Karikesh, the mastery of tools like Canva and the value of weekly meetings in tracking progress and seeking clarification were key takeaways influencing his perspective on his future path.
As Kyra and Karikesh navigate the intricate landscape of high school co-op in the business world, their reflections showcase the importance of creativity, resilience, collaboration, and continual learning. These experiences serve as stepping stones, aligning with their career goals and shaping their perspectives on the professional world.Whether it’s overcoming language barriers or mastering new tools, the high school co-op journey at U+ provides valuable lessons that extend beyond the classroom, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their future careers.

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