Students to Marketing – Week 13: U+ Edition, Starring Mojo and Mojitos

Students to Marketing – Week 13: U+ Edition, Starring Mojo and Mojitos

Embarking on a week of creative endeavors and challenges, two U+ Education co-op students, Tarlan Kamalian and Pak Hei Ronn Chan, share their experiences in contributing to Project 4 and YRES promotion. From developing educational stories for English Reading Clubs to managing social media posts, their journey unveils the dynamic and multifaceted nature of their roles at U+.

Mojo, Mojitos, and Project 4: Project Highlights

Tarlan Kamalian took the lead in Project 4, where the focus was on crafting educational stories featuring beloved characters Mojo and Mojito. The primary goal was to enhance language learning for children aged 5 to 15, creating an engaging and impactful experience within English Reading Clubs. By integrating characters symbolizing U+ Education, the team aimed to make language acquisition enjoyable and effective, aligning with U+’s broader objectives.

YRES Facebook Feat:

Pak Hei Ronn Chan showcased his skills by managing YRES Facebook posts, a vital component of U+’s promotional efforts. His completion of Project 4 and concurrent work on Project 5 played a crucial role in promoting YRES initiatives, contributing to the broader goals of U+ Education.

Overcoming Challenges and Learning:

Tarlan faced the challenge of time management due to a week-long absence but turned it into a valuable lesson. His approach involved strategic task allocation, focusing on age-specific stories and prioritizing more complex tasks first. Pak Hei Ronn Chan sought inspiration and ideas from colleagues when faced with difficulties, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and overcoming shyness in seeking help.

Skills Developed and Utilized:

Tarlan honed graphic design, research, and critical thinking skills in creating precise and visually appealing storybook slides. Pak Hei Ronn Chan emphasized the development of collaboration and critical skills, recognizing their significance in addressing challenges in future careers.

Collaborative Interactions:

Tarlan collaborated closely with colleagues, gaining insights into different writing styles and structures. This collaborative effort highlighted the collective commitment within the company and significantly contributed to enhancing the overall quality of the work. Pak Hei Ronn Chan’s meeting discussions post-Sofia’s departure underscored the importance of communication and planning for the future.

Insights and Career Reflections:

For Tarlan, the week underscored the importance of creativity, time management, and collaboration in the professional world. Pak Hei Ronn Chan emphasized the value of collaboration in improving project quality and the importance of seeking assistance without hesitation.

In the dynamic world of U+ Education, Tarlan and Pak Hei Ronn navigated challenges, honed crucial skills, and contributed to projects that align with U+’s broader goals. 
Their experiences shed light on the intricate balance of creativity, time management, and collaboration, providing valuable insights that will undoubtedly shape their future paths in the professional landscape.

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