Students to Marketing – Week 9:  Chronicles of Co-op Capers and Social Media Shenanigans!

Students to Marketing – Week 9: Chronicles of Co-op Capers and Social Media Shenanigans!

Welcome back to our journey through the world of U+! This week, we bring you insights from Ronn Chan and Samuel Leung, two invaluable members of the U+ team, as they tackle significant tasks, overcome challenges, and gain valuable experiences during their co-op.

Contributions to U+'s Goals: Social Media Maestros at Work

Ronn Chan has been actively involved in the “All Hands on Deck” project, showcasing his commitment to U+’s collective efforts. Additionally, his dedication to crafting engaging Facebook posts for YRES social media is contributing directly to U+’s goal of increasing event attendance.

Samuel Leung, on the other hand, has been the creative force behind the 12.24 Event posts. With two posts per week, he not only meets the challenges of a scheduled calendar but actively promotes an event aiming for at least 200 attendees. Samuel’s consistent design efforts directly align with U+’s objectives.

Overcoming Challenges: A Mental Hurdle and Visual Appeal Dilemmas

Ronn faced the challenge of mental stress, juggling current co-op tasks with worries about future work commitments. He reflects, “I am still trying to figure out how to overcome this, but what I think I must learn to do is to put 100% of my focus on the task at hand and stop thinking about my other work.”

For Ronn, a visual challenge emerged as he navigated the intricate landscape of information-laden posts. Seeking advice from peers and discovering a visually appealing template became his strategy for success.

Skills Development: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Design Mastery

Ronn emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and collaboration in overcoming challenges. He states, “I used my critical thinking skills and collaboration skills in order to overcome my challenges. This can help me solve problems in the future.”

Meanwhile, Samuel honed his communication and design skills. Seeking feedback from experienced colleagues like Emily and Sofia played a pivotal role in enhancing his design prowess. Samuel recognizes the broader application of this skill, stating, “Asking for other people’s opinions can help improve your work. Other people may see something that you may not have seen, and it is always good to ask for feedback because it may help you gain knowledge and improve yourself for future tasks just like how it has improved my skills.”

Notable Interactions: Captivating Captions and Mentorship Moments*

Ronn reflects on receiving feedback on his captions, stating, “I received feedback on my captions, and I learned how to have variety and make more captions more engaging and interesting.”

For Samuel, a standout interaction was a two-hour interview with Sofia. This unique experience allowed him to delve into Sofia’s career, experiences, and gain valuable advice for his future. Mentorship moments like these enrich the co-op experience.

Insights and Lessons: Problem Solving and the Pursuit of Education

Ronn gained insights into problem-solving, emphasizing its importance for both independent and collaborative work. He remarks, “I learned how to problem-solve better both alone and with others, and this can help me decide whether I would like a career involving collaboration or more on the independent side.

“Samuel’s observations align U+ with a strong emphasis on education and future growth. He states, “U+ is really big on education and your future, aligning with my career goals. The earlier you are able to gain hands-on and employability skills, the more they will become second nature to you, which will be of great value in your future career.”

In conclusion, Ronn Chan and Samuel Leung’s co-op experiences showcase the dynamic, skill-building environment at U+. Their contributions, challenges, and reflections offer valuable insights for anyone navigating the world of work and education.

Stay tuned for more updates from our co-op team at U+!

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