Float or Sink: Science at Markham Public Library

Float or Sink: Science at Markham Public Library

At U+ Education, we believe in making learning fun, hands-on, and memorable. This week, we had the pleasure of hosting an exciting science lesson at the Angus Glen Community Library, where SK-Grade 5 children delved into the fascinating world of density and volume.

Setting Sail with Aluminum Foil and Tape:

The young scientists were divided into groups and set on a mission – to create boats using nothing but aluminum foil and tape. The challenge? Design a boat that not only floats but can also hold various items without succumbing to the depths of the imaginary sea.

Measuring Volume with Creativity:

Equipped with rulers and the formula V = LxWxH, each group measured the volume of their unique boat creations. It was inspiring to see these young minds putting their math skills to practical use, exploring the relationship between length, width, and height in the context of their inventive boat designs.

The Great Float-off:

As the boats gathered for the ultimate test, anticipation filled the room. Marbles, markers, and Legos were carefully placed on each vessel to determine just how many items it could hold before meeting its watery fate. Laughter and excitement echoed as the young scientists cheered on their creations.

Everyone's a Winner:

To wrap up the experiment, each participant received a free notebook to take home. At U+, we believe in not just educating but also in sparking curiosity and rewarding creativity. These young minds left not only with newfound knowledge about density and volume but also with a tangible reminder of their scientific adventures.

Join the U+ Community for More Learning Adventures:

If you’re eager for more hands-on experiments and engaging sessions like this, be sure to check out our upcoming events. Visit U+ Community Events for a calendar of exciting opportunities for your child to explore the wonders of science, math, and beyond.

At U+ Education, we’re not just teaching; we’re creating experiences that inspire a love for learning. Stay tuned for more adventures in education!

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