Students to Business – Week 9:  From All Hands On Deck to Time Management!

Students to Business - Week 9: From All Hands On Deck to Time Management!

Welcome back to another edition of “Students to Business,” where we provide you with a glimpse into the experiences and challenges faced by high school co-op students at U+. In this Week 9 update, we delve into the pivotal role played by Marium Naqvi, the Business Development Coordinator, and Minh Nguyen, the Finance Assistant, shedding light on their contributions, challenges, and the valuable lessons learned.

All Hands On Deck: A Collaborative Initiative

The All Hands On Deck project took center stage this week, with Marium Naqvi and Selina He leading the charge. Their task involved not only addressing questions from team members but also actively participating in the project by generating entries. Marium’s role focused on researching and cataloging potential partners and sponsors, resulting in a comprehensive database.

Marium Naqvi's Perspective

Marium shares,

“This project was a collaborative effort involving high school students and volunteers. My primary focus was researching and cataloging information from over 120 companies. It’s a challenging but rewarding initiative aimed at finding potential partners and sponsors for U+.”

Overcoming Challenges: A Lesson in Time Management

Minh Nguyen faced a common challenge of time management, specifically related to checking in and out on time. His proactive approach included setting reminders, creating checklists, and seeking assistance from colleagues. Marium, on the other hand, encountered a miscommunication challenge due to technical difficulties during a mandatory meeting. Her resolution involved open communication with her supervisor, leading to a supportive outcome.

Minh Nguyen's Reflection

Minh reflects,

“Overcoming the challenge of punctuality required a combination of personal effort and seeking support from colleagues. This experience reinforced the importance of proactive time management, a skill that will undoubtedly benefit my future career aspirations.”

Skill Development: Time Management and Communication

Both Marium and Minh emphasized the importance of skills developed during the week. Time management played a crucial role in meeting deadlines and staying organized, contributing to efficiency. Additionally, strong communication skills were highlighted through collaboration with peers and addressing challenges confidently.

Meaningful Interactions and Collaborations

Reflecting on interactions with supervisors, a standout moment for one co-op student was the understanding and empathetic response received during the communication of an unexpected absence. The experience highlighted the importance of effective communication and a supportive work environment.

Marium's Collaborative Project

Marium recounts, “Collaborating on the investigation of implementing ChatGPT into U+’s activities showcased the importance of effective team communication and project management. It provided insights into workplace dynamics and successful collaboration.”

Industry Insights: Adaptability and Continuous Learning

The co-op students gained valuable insights into the industry and the professional world. The importance of adaptability and continuous learning was underscored, aligning perfectly with their aspirations for success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Marium's Perspective on Networking

Marium shares, “Networking, building relationships, and seeking mentorship opportunities are crucial for success. These insights influence my perspective on the future, emphasizing the need for collaboration and support from others in the industry.”

As Week 9 comes to a close, the co-op students at U+ continue to navigate challenges, develop essential skills, and gain invaluable insights. The experiences shared by Marium Naqvi and Minh Nguyen serve as a testament to the dynamic nature of the professional world and the importance of adaptability, effective communication, and collaboration. Join us next week for more updates on the journey from high school to the world of business!

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