May Reflection – Erin

Erin's Reflection


What were your initial expectations coming to work at U+, and how have they evolved after your first month on the job? 

Coming in to U+, I didn’t know what to expect initially. I knew roughly what the organizations do and their goals but I didn’t know how the working environment would be. After meeting all the other co-op students as well as Carson and Kevin, I immediately felt a sense of relief as everyone I’ve met has been so kind and helpful. At the beginning, I didn’t fully know what my role would be in May and June before summer camp. But after Kevin assigned me the task of editing the math workbooks, I was very excited as this is closely related to my interests. I was quick to realize that everyone that works here is very dedicated and passionate about what they do here.

What were your first interactions with the team and how have you been working to build relationships between you and your fellow team members?  

I feel like I hit it off with my fellow co-op students on the first day. We were all able to relate with our experiences working here thus far. After we were assigned our tasks, everyone was very helpful and responsive. I’ve also gotten along with Carson and Kevin and enjoy working with them. I have been working on building relationships with my coworkers by reaching out to them and asking them for help or their opinions on certain tasks. I also talk to them about non-work related things outside of our working hours through social media. I’m very grateful for this team that I work with and I know we all contribute positively to the work that we do.

How do you envision your term at U+ contributing to your personal and professional growth? 

My time at U+  will provide me with a large range of tasks in different fields. This is very beneficial to me as I will be working on skills that I haven’t necessarily gotten the chance to work on during my previous work terms. Being flexible and adaptive is a very good quality to have both professionally and personally. Additionally, the math workbook task closely aligns to my goals of becoming a math publisher. Being a camp counsellor will enhance my teaching skills and help me better understand the most effective way in which children learn. This role also offers me the opportunity to form relationships with other co-ops that I have common interests with.

Who do you want to show some appreciation to the most and why? 

I would like to show appreciation to Christina. One of the very first things I did in this role was prepare and present the Parkview Lego Robotics workshop with her. I think we showed great teamwork with this task and our work together helped me feel more comfortable with this brand new role.

Choose a meme (or funny picture) that encapsulates your first month/experience at U+ so far

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