May Reflection – Esa

Esa's Reflection


What were your initial expectations coming to work at U+, and how have they evolved after your first month on the job? 

Initially, I was unsure about what to expect or the types of roles I would be involved in. However, my  experience has evolved wonderfully, and as I settle into my role, I’ve grown to love it. I appreciate how YRES/U+ offers university co-op students the freedom to pursue tasks they’re passionate about. We’ve been given a wide range of choices in the work we do for the company, and our opinions are always valued. This month has taught me a great deal about the intricacies of running businesses and programs, as well as the effort involved in planning summer camps and management.

What were your first interactions with the team and how have you been working to build relationships between you and your fellow team members?  

From the very first in-person training at Stonebridge, the university co-op students formed strong bonds and relationships. By the second week, we were already carpooling to get bubble tea at lunch. The team bonding activities facilitated by Carson and Wes, along with our change room chats, really helped us connect and create lasting friendships. Our initial interactions involved learning each other’s names and discussing our school experiences. We also added each other on social media, which allowed us to get to know each other’s interests and provided a glimpse into our personal lives. This foundation of trust and vulnerability has been instrumental in building our close-knit team.

How do you envision your term at U+ contributing to your personal and professional growth? 

I envision my term being highly constructive, educational, and enjoyable. I am excited to help facilitate the Summer Camp program and have been thoroughly impressed by the hard work and dedication that goes into the pre-camp preparations. This role is providing me with invaluable insights into the behind-the-scenes efforts required to create a successful camp experience. In terms of personal and professional growth, I believe this experience will enhance my patience, teamwork, and organizational skills. Additionally, I anticipate developing stronger leadership abilities and improving my problem-solving capabilities as I navigate the various challenges that arise. Overall, I am eager to contribute to the team and grow through this enriching opportunity.

Who do you want to show some appreciation to the most and why? 

I’d like to show appreciation to Carson and all of the university co-ops. Carson has been working nonstop to ensure our onboarding process has gone smoothly and that we are all up to date. My other university co-op peers have also been super supportive and helpful.

Choose a meme (or funny picture) that encapsulates your first month/experience at U+ so far

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