Jason – January Reflection

My January with U Plus Education

What motivated you to join U+?

When I first delved into researching U+ and YRES, I was immediately struck by their profound dedication to fostering learning within our community. In a world where patience and mentorship are often undervalued. The idea that everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, deserves support and guidance to realize their potential resonated deeply with me.Moreover, what truly stood out was U+’s commitment to providing tangible opportunities for youth through volunteer and CO-OP openings. It’s incredibly inspiring to see an organization not only recognize the importance of nurturing talent but actively create avenues for young people to engage, learn, and contribute.It feels nice to be associated with an organization that not only talks about change but actively works towards it by providing meaningful opportunities for youth to thrive through the learning programs that they offer.

What was your impression of first interactions with the team and the organization’s culture?

The team I work with is composed of individuals from similar age groups and educational backgrounds, all hailing from the same university. We collaborate seamlessly, supporting one another to achieve optimal outcomes. I joined the organization two weeks ahead to assist with their Winter Break Camp and company tasks. Being the very first new CO-OP in a new term, I discovered that others were incredibly generous in offering help, advice, and support. The organizational culture seamlessly aligns with its objective of facilitating learning. I thoroughly enjoyed my week teaching at the camp. Witnessing the smiles on the kids’ faces was truly fascinating and rewarding.

How do you envision U+ contributing to your academic and professional growth?
I envision U+ significantly contributing to both my academic and professional growth in several key ways. First, providing opportunities to demonstrate leadership, such as managing volunteers, will enhance my organizational and interpersonal skills, which are crucial for any future leadership roles. Second, working within a diverse team at U+ will expose me to different perspectives, fostering adaptability and collaboration skills essential in any professional setting. Additionally, I’ll learn invaluable working processes by gaining hands-on experience that complements my academic studies. Overall, U+’s dynamic environment offers a great opportunity for honing leadership, teamwork, and technical skills, laying a solid foundation for my academic and professional journey.

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