Student to Web Developer – Week 11: How I Learned to Debug

Student to Web Developer – Week 11: How I Learned to Debug

Embarking on a high school co-op at U+, a as co-op web developers, has been a transformative experience for Alora Tsang and Ammar Qadir. In this week’s blog, they share their reflections on the significant tasks, challenges faced, skills developed, collaborations with colleagues, and insights gained about the industry. Their stories shed light on the intersection of web development and high school co-op experiences, offering valuable insights for aspiring developers and students entering the professional world.

Significant Tasks and Projects:

Alora Tsang kicks off the discussion by detailing her involvement in projects like the “All Hands on Deck” initiative and Project 3. These projects, including the development of a new volunteer page for the YRES website and implementing an image carousel, directly contribute to U+’s goals of improving online engagement and user experience. Alora emphasizes the importance of aligning individual tasks with the overarching organizational objectives, showcasing the strategic mindset necessary in the field.

Ammar Qadir echoes this sentiment, discussing the challenges faced when tackling various projects. Despite encountering difficulty in understanding a task, Ammar’s communication with coworkers and collaboration within the team proved pivotal in overcoming obstacles. Both Alora and Ammar highlight the significance of teamwork and effective project management in achieving organizational goals.

Overcoming Challenges:

Alora shares her experience of juggling multiple projects simultaneously, emphasizing the importance of prioritization and seeking assistance from colleagues when needed. Ammar highlights the value of open communication, demonstrating that it’s okay to ask for help when faced with challenges. These instances underline the collaborative nature of web development and the importance of cultivating a supportive work environment.

Developed Skills:

Both co-op students reflect on the skills they utilized and developed during the week. Alora mentions time management as a critical skill, especially when catching up on work after being absent. Ammar, on the other hand, emphasizes web development proficiency, project management, multitasking, translation abilities, collaboration, and effective communication. These skills are not only essential for their current roles but also lay a solid foundation for their future careers in the tech industry.

Interactions and Collaborations:

Alora recounts seeking help from coworkers, showcasing the significance of collaborative efforts in overcoming challenges. Ammar points out collaborative interactions with a coworker on various projects, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and a supportive work environment. These experiences highlight the interpersonal skills crucial for success in the professional world.

Insights into the Industry:

Both students gain insights into the importance of communication and collaboration in the professional world. Alora emphasizes the critical role these skills play in completing projects efficiently. Ammar echoes this sentiment, recognizing the value of effective project management and clear communication. These insights align seamlessly with their career goals, reinforcing the importance of adaptability and staying updated with industry trends.

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