U+ LEGO Coding Collaboration with York Region’s Parkview PS

In Spring 2024, U+ Education collaborated with Parkview Public School to deliver an engaging LEGO Coding program for students grades 4 to 5. The young learners had a fun time delving into the world of robotics and innovation using LEGO Education SPIKE kits. Through these LEGO sets, students embraced the opportunity to build and program their own functioning robotic creations!

Students were separated into groups of 4, each possessing a LEGO kit and Chromebook to experiment with. Following the teachers’ instructions and guidance, the groups successfully constructed a variety of different robots – including a robotic arm and a hockey player. Once the builds were completed, the students learned how to connect and control their robot through Scratch – a beginner-friendly programming platform. The lessons provided allowed students to explore and modify the program independently, personalizing each robot’s code and creating a stimulating experience.

U+ came to my school and did a fabulous workshop with the students! They were well organized and provided a professional, hands-on LEGO SPIKE workshop that involved all students and guided them through the challenges! 

—Kevin Ko, Principal at Parkview PS

The LEGO Robotics workshop was a pleasure to lead! I love building Legos and exploring Scratch on my own, so sharing that knowledge with Parkview’s eager students was certainly a memorable experience. I’m thankful for having the opportunity to provide an interactive learning environment where I can introduce students to the fundamentals of LEGO robotics!

—Christina Wan, Teaching Assistant at U+ Education

Stay tuned for our upcoming Fall 2024 LEGO Coding workshops, where we will be hosting monthly sessions for students of all ages!

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