Angelica – March Reflection

My March with U Plus Education

 What’s Your Most Memorable “Aha!” Moment from the Past Three Months?

My most memorable “aha” moment was when I was running my Keva planks program and I was ready to show them different pre-made tutorials on Keva builds, but when I was feeling out the vibe of what they wanted to do I noticed that they were more excited to see what they could build for themselves. One of them wanted to use the blanks to do dominos instead and the other wanted to tap into his creativity

If Your Co-op Experience Were a Movie Title or a Movie, What Would It Be, and Why?

If my co-op experience were a movie title, it would be “March Madness,” because I felt like our work was leading up to the preparation for March Break camp and the amount of campers we were expecting. Even during the camp it was “mad” but in a blood-pumping, adrenaline-rushing way. March Break Camp was a good chaos and was an exciting switch of pace in the middle of the term, like a refresher.

What’s the Coolest Thing You Learned That Wasn’t in the Job Description?
The coolest thing I learned that wasn’t in the job description was all the work behind the scenes when setting up a camp. From previous work experience, I had only dealt with the front-end of a camp and had many tasks delegated to me. However, this time around, when I was only expecting to do the front end, I was tasked with being responsible for completing administrative work and planning that had it not been completed by me, the camp could not have run.

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