Cindy – March Reflection

My March with U Plus Education

 What’s Your Most Memorable “Aha!” Moment from the Past Three Months?

The most memorable “Aha!” moment occurred during March Break Camp. I was in charge of the junior class and found that there were many challenges that came with younger kids. They were harder to control as they often would not listen, and would rather do their own thing. However, I found ways to accommodate and negotiate with them in order to tidy up, quiet down, and do the work I assign to them. It starts with getting to know them personally, getting along and close to each student to form some sort of personal bond between us. This gets them to trust and like me more, and then introducing the concept of stickers and prizes to them. This would result in them immediately doing what I ask when I go up to them and personally ask them, or offer a sticker in return. I found that often being patient and kind with them helped us bond as they were not scared of me, learnt my name very quickly, and would come to me often for help or comfort.

If Your Co-op Experience Were a Movie Title or a Movie, What Would It Be, and Why?

If my co-op experience was a movie / show it would probably be Scooby-Doo. During my time here, I have become good friends with my coworkers and we have formed a group together, just like the Scooby gang! We support each other and tackle tasks together, which can be comfortable to the mysteries they solve in the show. Similarly to the show, no matter how daunting a task may be, we always overcome it and come out together successfully!

What’s the Coolest Thing You Learned That Wasn’t in the Job Description?
Creating TikToks to market our company was something I never expected or saw myself doing. As someone who doesn’t have a social media presence, putting myself out there by filming and producing TikToks for the public eye was highly unexpected. I learnt and went through the entire process, including brainstorming, planning, script making and delegation, filming, editing, and publishing! However, this has taught me a lot as I need to think from the audience perspective and take notes on what successful strategies are.

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