Jason – April Reflection

My April with U Plus Education

As your co-op experience comes to an end, what are your key takeaways and lessons learned from the entire experience?

For me, the key takeaways and lessons learned are: 


Planning: Planning ahead is really important, as it allows me to allocate my time wisely and efficiently with all my different tasks. Creating a general and flexible plan for each day helps ensure that each task I need to work on gets the attention it deserves without neglecting other important responsibilities. Whether it’s setting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, or allocating resources (HS co-ops and volunteers)


Communication: Being clear is crucial as we are not working alone and it is best to make sure that there are no misunderstandings within the team. Working here has allowed me to understand and give out ideas, instructions, and expectations more clearly than before


Leadership: My experience here has taught me that leadership goes way beyond just giving out tasks. It is very important to establish a team spirit to increase everyone’s motivation for a common goal/task. Working with volunteers and HS co-ops has highlighted how being motivated can make a big difference.

How has your co-op influenced your career goals and future plans? Are you considering pursuing a career in the field you completed your co-op in?

Working here and seeing so many departments operate has shown me that there are a lot more options for me to consider for my career goal and future plan. 


During my time working here I am considering developing towards being a vet. Working in a business environment is a plan B for me.

What advice would you offer to fellow students who are planning to embark on their co-op journeys or are currently in the midst of their co-op experiences?

A good chunk of people will give up midway when faced with challenges, even if a co-op placement is a 4 month term there will be numerous challenges that you will have to face along the way. It’s natural to feel discouraged or overwhelmed when confronted with these obstacles but make sure to pick yourself back up when it happens. Never give up, getting over these challenges will always help you grow.

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