Students to Marketing – Week 12:  Designs, Deadlines, and Droll Moments

Students to Marketing – Week 12: Designs, Deadlines, and Droll Moments

Entering the realm of marketing during a high school co-op can be a thrilling and enriching experience. Two individuals, Jacob Lee and Freya Bernadette McDermott, share their insights, challenges, and accomplishments during their recent week at U+. From contributing to projects that enhance children’s literacy to dealing with unexpected hurdles, their stories offer a glimpse into the dynamic world of marketing and cooperative education.

Jacob Lee's Contributions
Project Highlights

Jacob focused on Project 4, contributing to Mojo Stories aimed at improving children’s reading skills. “My primary tasks were Project 4, which contributes to the Mojo Stories for improving the reading of kids in different age groups,” Jacob enthusiastically shares.

Additionally, he edited the U+ Gavel Club meeting recap, shedding light on the Toastmasters Club’s activities. “I’m happy with my design work this week and think that it’s been useful to the company,” Jacob reflects.

Jacob’s creative touch was evident in crafting a Zoom waiting room video for Emily, adding a dynamic introduction to official U+ Education meetings. “I taught myself a little bit about vector animation. I used Blender to animate an SVG file that Emily sent me of the YRES mascot, making it wink and squish for a looped animation,” Jacob proudly states.

Overcoming Challenges

Jacob navigated the challenge of task management by setting alerts and seeking extensions when needed. “The way that I managed my workload was by asking for extensions on tasks that I knew weren’t needed as soon,” he explains. This proactive approach ensured timely completion of assignments.

Skill Development

Jacob delved into vector animation while working on the meeting room video, showcasing his self-taught skills in graphic design. “Learning how to do vector design is a major thing for me, and I believe that it’ll help me out in my future personal/career projects a lot,” he says, highlighting the potential impact on his future career.

Collaborative Experiences

Collaborating on YouTube/TikTok projects with Myriah and Owen, Jacob honed his teamwork and communication skills. “Myriah and I often work on the scripts and record them together, and then Owen takes the footage and edits it for the final submission,” he shares. This experience will undoubtedly influence his future collaborative efforts.

Industry Insights

Jacob’s experience highlighted the non-linear nature of tasks in a company. “Companies aren’t as block-by-block structured as I believed they would be,” he observes. This realization has shaped his perspective on organizational structures and the need for adaptability.

Freya Bernadette McDermott's Journey Tackling Challenges

Freya’s main challenge was managing deadlines effectively. “For the most part, I set calendar alerts and alarms so that I can remember to check up on my current tasks and re-read through them,” Freya explains. Her proactive approach, including seeking extensions when needed, allowed her to maintain a balanced workload.

A minor mix-up with mascots prompted quick action to rectify the situation, demonstrating her attention to detail. “I was worried that my supervisor of social media would see that and think I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing,” Freya confesses.

Showcasing Storytelling Skills

Freya’s storytelling skills came to the forefront as she worked on the all-hands-on-deck storybook assignment. “The biggest skill I used this week was storytelling skills, to write the books for Project Four,” she shares. The joy she found in writing children’s books opened her eyes to a potential career path.

Collaborative Moments

Participating in team meetings, Freya discovered the interconnected lives of her YRES social media team members. “We were surprised that some of us lived closer to each other than we thought,” she recounts. Collaborative discussions on project specifications and personal lives enhanced team dynamics and fostered a supportive work environment.

Insights for the Future

Freya’s week at U+ revealed the versatility within companies and the importance of effective communication in team settings. “I’ve learned that companies aren’t as block-by-block structured as I believed they would be,” Freya notes. Her newfound interest in creating children’s books may influence her future career choices.

As Jacob Lee and Freya Bernadette McDermott reflect on their week at U+, it’s evident that a high school co-op in marketing offers diverse experiences. From mastering new skills to overcoming challenges and fostering collaborations, these insights will undoubtedly shape their future endeavors. 

The dynamic and unpredictable nature of the marketing world, combined with the joy of creative expression, sets the stage for a promising journey in their chosen field.

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