Students to Business – Week 12: Weekly Meetings and Career Readiness​

Students to Business - Week 12: Weekly Meetings and Career Readiness

In the realm of high school co-op and business, Misha Goudarzi delved into a significant task this week—Task 3 from donation campaigns. The focus was on collecting contact information from various Home Depot locations. Misha recognized the potential impact of expanding outreach, understanding that the more locations contacted, the greater the potential for increased donations.
Misha Goudarzi: “The more locations we gather contact from and reach out to, the more donations we can collect.”

Overcoming Challenges: A Lesson in Resourcefulness

Challenges are inevitable, and Misha faced a unique one—trying to join weekly meetings while in a location without the ability to speak or turn on the camera. Demonstrating resourcefulness, Misha sought assistance from the school’s librarian and utilized the seminar room to attend the meeting. This experience highlighted the importance of adaptability in a dynamic work environment.
Misha Goudarzi: “I was not in an area where I could speak or turn on my camera, but I managed to speak to my school’s librarian and asked to use the seminar room to attend the meeting.”

Skill Development: Breaking Comfort Zones

One of the valuable skills Misha honed during the week was reaching out and effective communication. Stepping out of the comfort zone, Misha sought help when needed, ensuring that the work continued smoothly. This experience reinforced the significance of proactive communication in a professional setting.
Misha Goudarzi: “A skill that I developed was reaching out and communicating. I broke out of my comfort zone and asked for help when it was needed and managed to get the help I needed and continued my work as usual.”

The Importance of Weekly Meetings

Misha gained a crucial insight into the significance of weekly meetings. Recognizing that not joining these meetings can result in falling behind, missing vital information, and leaving questions unanswered, Misha emphasized the importance of regular and active participation in team gatherings.
Misha Goudarzi: “I realized how important weekly meetings are and not joining them will put you behind everyone else. You might lose out on important information or you will go on with your questions not answered.”

Future Career Preparation: Beyond the Job Description

Reflecting on the week’s experiences, Misha gained a broader perspective on future career choices. The insight revealed that a chosen career involves not only the core tasks but also numerous small tasks and skills that may not directly relate to the career itself. This realization underscores the importance of holistic preparation and foresight.
Misha Goudarzi: “An insight that I’ve gained is that the job you pick in the future will not only be what you choose, but it will have many other small tasks or skills that are required, which have nothing to do with your career. You always need to be prepared and consider things ahead of time.”

Conclusion: A Week of Growth and Insights

Misha Goudarzi’s week in high school co-op and business unfolded as a journey of challenges, skill development, and valuable insights. From expanding donation campaign outreach to navigating unique challenges and realizing the importance of holistic career preparation, Misha’s experiences provide a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of the business world. As the week concludes, Misha emerges not only with accomplishments but also with a broader perspective on the intricacies of future career paths.

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