Students to Business – Week 11: Navigating Work, Projects, and the Quirks of the Workplace

Students to Business - Week 11: Navigating Work, Projects, and the Quirks of the Workplace

Welcome back to the Students to Business, where we unravel the week’s adventures in the bustling world of U+ Education. Join Ajanthi Jeyakumaran and Daniel Cao as they share their tales of project management, challenges, skill development, and meaningful interactions that have colored their workweek.

Contributions to U+'s Goals

Ajanthi Jeyakumaran embarked on the and Workshop 2024 projects, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient working environment. Daniel Cao, on the other hand, delved into the All HS + Volunteer Project and the Celebrate Canada grant project, pushing the boundaries to establish valuable partnerships and secure funding for U+ Education’s events.
  • Ajanthi Jeyakumaran: “By performing these tasks on, I have been able to contribute towards a more efficient, effective, and organized working environment.”
  • Daniel Cao: “This contributed to U+ being more likely to be selected for funding, allowing U+ to host events not only to gain publicity but to celebrate multiculturalism in Canada.”

Challenges Faced and Overcome

Ajanthi’s challenge of managing numerous posts resonates with many, emphasizing the importance of effective time management. Meanwhile, Daniel Cao faced a time crunch but learned valuable lessons about time management and effective communication with supervisors.
  • Ajanthi Jeyakumaran: “Having to make a lot of posts is challenging as working by myself is not easy.”
  • Daniel Cao: “From this experience, I realized that my time management skills need more improvement, I also should communicate with my supervisor to ask for more time…”

Skills Development

The week saw Ajanthi honing communication, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills through the project. Daniel Cao showcased critical thinking and teamwork skills in the All HS + Volunteer and Celebrate Canada projects.
  • Ajanthi Jeyakumaran: “Throughout the project, I was tasked to identify issues and understand how to solve problems related to coding issues.”
  • Daniel Cao: “In the future, critical thinking and teamwork skills will always be very valuable to have.”

Interactions and Collaborations

Collaboration was key for Ajanthi as she discussed workshop ideas and tested automations with her project teammates. Daniel Cao found a meaningful interaction when asked to contribute urgently to the Celebrate Canada grant project, realizing the impact each employee can have.
  • Ajanthi Jeyakumaran: “These interactions helped understand how the thorough process of building a workshop occurs…”
  • Daniel Cao: “When Kevin asked us to help him complete this project that had actual real-world effects, it greatly enhanced my understanding of the workplace at U+.”

Insights and Lessons Learned

The Workshop 2024 project provided valuable insights into entrepreneurship and business operations for Ajanthi, aligning with her aspirations. Daniel Cao gained insights into collaborative career pathways and the significance of partnerships in the professional world.
  • Ajanthi Jeyakumaran: “Learning more about these technological platforms will help me when building a business of my own.”
  • Daniel Cao: “This insight will influence me in the future by leading me to find more collaborative career pathways.”

As we wrap up another week at U+, the Chronicles remind us that the journey is not just about completing tasks but also about growth, collaboration, and gaining insights that shape our professional paths. Stay tuned for more tales from the dynamic world of U+ Education! 

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