Carson – January Reflection

My January with U Plus Education

What motivated you to join U+?

I was delighted to find out U+ Education offered many diverse paid and free programs in languages and STEAM like math and science. This really aligned with my interests in better education for everyone and is one of the main reasons why I wanted to join. Another reason why I thought U+ Education would be a good fit for me is the hybrid work schedule. Having the balance of comfortably working from home and the experience of working face to face was a great way to experience both work situations. Especially after the pandemic, being able to interact with co-workers and students in-person was a great plus.

What was your impression of first interactions with the team and the organization’s culture?

My first interaction with the team was a little nerve-wracking, as all first time meetups are. However, I felt that the people I was working with were very trustworthy and comforting. I didn’t feel out of place or a stranger and knew there was always someone I could talk to for clarification. I think that is what U+ Education strives to do. Not even just in-person work days, but through Slack, U+ Education tries to create a space where people are able to talk to others and engage with each other while working from home. I’ve never felt like I was working in my own little cubby in the office, but rather in a nice windowed room with a door people can open if they want to talk.

How do you envision U+ contributing to your academic and professional growth?
In my future, I see myself becoming a teacher, so working at U+ Education will allow me to gain that experience working with children in an academic setting. Through the camps and virtual programs, I am able to engage with the students in fields I am comfortable in, and I get the chance to lead my own classroom and experience what it’s like working in a school. U+ Education also offers a lot of opportunities to develop my soft skills, like problem-solving and communication. Through leading projects and working with others, I am able to develop skills that are needed to become a leader in the workplace.

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