Alenna C- My Co-op Experience at U Plus

I work at U+ Education as a Digital Content Creator, and my experience at U+ Education has been nothing but a delight, characterized by comfort and positivity coming from everyone at my workplace. Everyone was really welcoming and it made me feel really comfortable from the start. I was not afraid to ask questions when I was in doubt as my supervisor was very patient with me. In addition, through all the work I have done at U+ Education, I could tell they put a lot of effort and thought into their company in order to provide a fun learning experience to children.

The task I had to do at the start was more research based, where I gave suggestions on how to improve the company by comparing it to similar companies. We then shifted to complete our individual tasks within our sector. I have worked in the digital content creation team with generating new TikTok and YouTube ideas, filming and editing videos, and more. We are given four new topics to film and edit every week, which allows me to constantly enhance my skills as a Digital Content Creator. 

In late-April to early May, I participated in a small contest that was held in the Digital Content Creator sector, where we each had to create flyers and an outstanding video to promote our company’s summer courses, and I won! I thoroughly enjoyed filming and editing my own video but also watching other people’s videos to learn from them to improve my skills even more. 

Throughout the term, we also did personal skill improvement tasks (e.g., elevator pitch) and had to work in a group with other co-op students virtually. I had to learn to manage my time and responsibilities between co-op and school work and had many opportunities to improve my research skills, public speaking skills, and collaboration skills. It was definitely a new experience and I am very grateful for this co-op placement!

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