Ausaja A – My Co-op Experience at U Plus

My experience as a web developer assistant at U+ Education has played a crucial role in allowing me to develop a wide variety of skills. I have always shown an interest in working on tasks that are not limited to one field, and U+ provides me with the opportunity to do exactly that. 

At U+, I am able to strengthen my communication and collaboration skills through a range of tasks. For instance, recently, a few other high school students and I collaborated to create worksheets that were fun, engaging, and incorporated educational elements for students in grades 1-6. It was a fun and valuable experience. Just like this task, practically every task assigned to me at U+ contributes towards educating children, which is an amazing purpose that I love being a part of every single day. It’s rewarding to know that the work I do is for a company that creates a positive learning experience for young students. 

Every day at U+ presents new challenges, from replicating webpages to deciding what colour themes and fonts are the most visually pleasing and effective in communicating information on webpages. By embracing these challenges, I not only improved my web development skills but also developed a keen eye for detail and user experience. These experiences continue to push me to think creatively and find innovative solutions throughout all aspects of my life. 

Overall, my experience at U+ Education has played a meaningful role in my life. I’ve gained valuable technical skills, improved my communication and collaboration abilities, overcome challenges, and found purpose in contributing to an amazing organization. I hope to continue to learn and grow in a similarly amazing environment after my co-op term!

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