Nathaniel K – My Co-op Experience at U Plus

My name is Nathaniel Ko and I am an eleventh-grade student at Bill Hogarth Secondary School. I started my co-op placement as a marketing assistant at U+ Education in February 2024, and I have had a blast working at this company. As a business SHSM (specialist high skills major) student, this opportunity has strengthened my interest in business and provided me with valuable experience in the workforce.

At my co-op placement, I gained experience in marketing by creating social media content for U+ Education’s partner organization U+ Toastmasters Gavel Club, a public speaking program for children and teenagers. I used Canva to design engaging Instagram posts that promoted the weekly theme of upcoming in-person club meetings. In addition, I created a variety of promotional posts for the company, including public speaking tips and event announcements. Other marketing responsibilities included filming promotional TikTok-style videos, as well as designing flyers, brochures, and posters for various projects. This helped me to improve my creativity and communication skills. I learned to not only convey my ideas to my peers but also understand my peers’ ideas. 

My responsibilities also went beyond marketing. For example, I assisted in creating contact lists for varying types of organizations, created lesson plans for elementary school students, and assisted with company outreach. These activities broadened my administrative skills and helped me understand how different departments within a company interact.

This co-op placement has been an eye-opening experience. Not only have I gained valuable soft skills like problem-solving and communication, but I have also learned the importance of seeking help when needed. The supportive environment at U+ has fostered my confidence and helped me discover new areas of interest within the field of business. Working at U+ has been challenging but I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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