Week One Unveiled: High School Co-op Students at U+

Week One Unveiled:
High School Co-op Students at U

       The journey into the professional world is an exhilarating one, especially for high school co-op students who are taking their first steps into the corporate landscape. The initial week often serves as a gateway to a world filled with new challenges, learning opportunities, and personal growth. As these students embark on their co-op experience at U+, their weekly logs shed light on the beginnings of their professional adventure, providing insights into the skills they’re developing, the hurdles they’re overcoming, and the relationships they’re forming. In this article, we delve into the first week logs of these co-op students, offering a glimpse into their early encounters with the real world of work.

What was the most exciting or memorable moment of your week at U+? It could be a project milestone, a fun interaction, or a new skill you learned.

Ariana – Accounting Assistant: I had fun connecting with other U+ members and fellow co-op students, everyone I’ve interacted with has been so nice and welcoming, especially as someone who was incredibly lost and nervous on my first few days.

Ammar Qadir – Web Developer Assistant: In my opinion I think there were multiple memorable moments of my first week here at U+.

 Firstly, on my first day when I went to the meeting with Kevin, it was very easy going and he helped me get through some problems I was having with my U+ email. Secondly, overall learning about the U+ policies and learning new skills with Slack was a fun interaction as it allowed me to gain more knowledge. 

Another fun interaction I had was when I joined the meeting today and also when I helped Kevin with organizing the spreadsheet. In the end I think the first week of working here at U+ was very welcoming!

Maria Poulimenos – Marketing Assistant: My most memorable moment of this week was being introduced to Canva. It is such a great platform to explore creativity and advance my marketing skills. It was my very first time using this program and it felt very accessible. With the assistance of the U+ Education tutorials, I was able to easily complete my Introduction Video and Photo. Many of my concerns were answered throughout the videos, allowing for proper completion. This software provides many editing services, such as GIPH’s and colourful templates, which is perfect for advertisements. There are many graphics to include in the designs and this allows for an extensive amount of creative freedom. Canva will be a beneficial resource when going about my co-op position of a Marketing Assistant. Furthermore, the Canva assignment of this week introduced me to many other employees and co-op students. I was able to find others with the same interests as myself and connect with them. 

As a remote student, I felt that this was a great way to feel included within the workplace and with the other students. I eventually connected with another student via Slack, due to our shared commonalities found in the Canva thread. This has greatly impacted my time at U+ in a positive manner, as I can relate to another student and we bounce ideas of one another. I am excited to learn more about this platform and create unique and enticing displays for U+!

Matthew Petersen – Web Developer Assistant
My favorite moment this week was joining the Q&A sessions and getting to meet my coworkers. I find that even though this position I am taking is remote, I enjoy being able to see the faces of my team through online meetings. Furthermore, they allowed to make sure that I was on track and doing the right things. I hope to have the opportunity to participate in more virtual meetings going forward.

As we wrap up this exploration of high school co-op students’ first-week logs at U+, it’s clear that their initial foray into the professional world has been nothing short of inspiring. The experiences shared by Ariana, Ammar Qadir, Maria Poulimenos, and Matthew Petersen exemplify the essence of this exciting journey. From Ariana’s heartwarming reflections on the warm welcome she received from her U+ colleagues to Ammar’s enthusiastic embrace of new skills and engaging interactions, it’s evident that the first week has set a positive tone for their co-op experience.

Maria’s insightful discovery of the creative potential within Canva not only enhances her marketing skills but also connects her with fellow co-op students and colleagues, fostering a sense of inclusion and collaboration. Matthew’s enthusiasm for virtual meetings highlights the importance of communication and teamwork, even in remote work settings.

As these co-op students navigate the corporate landscape at U+, they are not only building skills but also forming meaningful connections and finding inspiration in unexpected places. We look forward to following their journey as they continue to grow and thrive in the professional world, and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating their achievements and discoveries in the weeks to come. Stay tuned for more insights from these talented young professionals!

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