Hybrid Workplace Tips

U+ has been a proud believer in the hybrid workplace model since the company’s beginnings in 2016. Although our offices are located in Toronto, Canada our employees and teachers come from all over Canada (and the rest of the world too!). We have U+ team members based in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal! By allowing our employees to work 100% remotely, we ensure the highest quality of staff, since our recruitment is not limited by geography. Our staff based in Toronto frequents the office on a weekly basis, and those from out of town are invited to visit too!

In order to ensure a successful hybrid work model, here are 3 tips that U+ has implemented in their workspace;

1. Building a virtual community

Our incredible staff here at U+ have created an active and welcoming virtual community. With the use of software such as Slack and Google Meets, we are in constant communication with each other. By implementing events such as weekly huddles and shout-out Fridays, we are aware of projects across the company and are very appreciative of the hard work each individual provides to the team!

2. Flexible Work Schedules

With students from all over the world, U+ is a 24/7 company. Our staff have major flexibility when it comes to their work schedule. As long as they are present for mandatory meetings, the rest of their hours can be completed in a manner that works with their schedule. This allows for the highest amount of productivity from our team, as well as ensuring we can run our programs to cater to the needs of our students (who may be in different time zones!)

3. Goals and Priorities

When it comes to hybrid workplaces, keeping everyone on track when juggling multiple projects is a challenge. In order to keep our staff on the same page, we have company, department and individual goals set in place. This helps teams prioritize their responsibilities and individuals organize their work days. At U+, our main commitment is to provide the highest quality education to as many students as possible, every task completed by our staff is to help reach these goals.

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