Euclid Math Contest

Are you interested in applying to mathematics programs at Canadian universities? Would you like to strengthen your application profile? If so, you would be the ideal candidate to participate in the Euclid Math Contest!

The Euclid Math Contest is an annual competition held by the University of Waterloo. Every year, over 20,000 high school students participate worldwide. The University of Waterloo values the results from the Euclid Math Contest highly when it comes to admission and scholarship offers. Other top ranking Canadian universities will also consider these test scores when evaluating applicants. Participants who score in the top 25% of the competition will receive a certificate of distinction. The test will have 10 questions; some answer only and some full-solution. The exam will last 2.5 hours and be scored out of 100. Marks are awarded for completeness, clarity and style of presentation. A correct solution, poorly presented, will not earn full marks.

In order to help students prepare for this highly prestigious contest, U+ Education is excited to announce our Euclid Contest Camp! This 4 week program will help students practice the skills they will need to be successful during the competition. If you are a high school student interested in applying to the University of Waterloo, make sure you don’t miss out!

Check out the University of Waterloo website for more information:

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