Awards & Testimonials

Mayor endorsement - Frank Scarpitti



For demonstrating excellence, creativity, and initiative in providing valuable services and contributions to improve the city of Markham, congratulations U+ Education for receiving the 2021 Aspire Award presented by the Markham Board of Trade!

Student testimonials reviews satisfaction

Jim English

I like to learn English with teacher Kaitlin, she always shows me a lot of funny little animals, I like little animals.

Pudding English

U+ online courses are the best I have ever taken

Cathy French

U+ has professional teachers and an excellent service team, thank you U+.

Justin French

After learning French for six months, I can speak some simple French to communicate with my friends. I am very happy.

Ivan Spanish

Teacher Lupita has taught me a lot of useful words and sentences in the Spanish class every week. My Spanish has improved very quickly.

Isabelle Spanish

Hola, everybody. I like learning Spanish with my partner Emma and Gieselle at U+!

Perry English

My teacher at U+ is very patient when correcting my pronunciation, thanks U+

Annie French

The biggest gain in U+ is that I don’t have to worry about my pronunciation being not authentic enough. ‘I feel like a native speaker right now LOL.’

Yuhan French

I am very lucky to find the best French class for me. Thank you U+.

Nicole Spanish

My parents are very proud of me because I can speak more languages than them.

Catherine French

I was not only learning a foreign language but also its culture.

Gibson English

I met a lot of friends through U+ and we can practice together.

Elsa Spanish

Come join us. You will enjoy the Spanish class.

Cassandra French

People in my class are amazed by my French and now they ask me to teach them.

Yoyo French

U+'s French class is my favorite, come join us