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Our English courses follow the curriculum used in Ontario, Canada. The French courses follow the curriculum used in Paris, France. The Spanish courses follow the curriculum used in Spain/Mexico. These curriculums provide the basis for us to develop the teaching materials. In addition, all teaching materials will be personalized to each student by our highly experienced group of instructors.

Due to the unique features of our personalized teaching, the students who are currently attending U+ classes range from 2.5 years old up to adult. U+ will evaluate the language level of each student based on the trial class into 5 different categories (Level 1 – Level 5). Afterwards, we will assign instructors that correspond to the student’s language level as well as providing personalized teaching materials to ensure optimal learning experiences.

U+ will recommend a U+ instructor who is best suited to the student based on the questionnaire/evaluation given to the student prior to the trial class. Following the trial class, if the student is satisfied with the instructor, we will pair the student with that instructor to complete the course. If the student does not feel satisfied with the instructor, we will recommend another experienced instructor to the student.

U+ classes are designed based on a curriculum that is used in the target language’s native country. At the same time, U+ will adapt the program to suit each student’s unique needs and will personalize course materials to ensure the student can thrive.Every student will obtain teaching materials that are designed and prepared by our elite teaching group, which consists of 5 instructors with PhDs, each with more than 25 years of teaching experience to guarantee top quality classes.

For 1 on 1 classes, U+ can provide a translator for the first two classes to help the student to establish a foundation with the instructor. Afterwards, we recommend direct interactions between the student and the instructor since U+ is dedicated to providing a learning environment in which the student can be fully immersed in.  We ask that parents do not interrupt during classes and allow the student to answer all the questions by themselves.

When the student is exposed to new material every class, it creates an environment where the student can maintain interest while learning a new language. This helps the student to think in the language they are learning in and achieve quicker responses during conversational situations, which allows them to express their ideas more naturally.

U+ will provide recordings of the class within 48 hours for parents to review class materials with the student. U+ recommends and encourages parents to review and practice words in which the student had trouble pronouncing during class. Reviewing course materials after the class is often better than reading the course. materials before class.

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